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Benefits of Investing in Commercial Property

Discussion in 'Mumbai Real Estate' started by christypereria, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. christypereria New Member

    Here we’ll discuss the Benefits of investing in commercial properties.
    1. Rental Returns– The rental return for owning a commercial property is better
    2. Rent paid by your company is tax deductible at 30% and when it goes into your SMSF it’s only taxed at 15%. Capital gains are only taxed at 10%.
    3. Contribution Limits- Where there is a limit on how much you can contribute into your Self-Managed Super Fund as your Super contribution, there is no limit on how much rent you can pay as long as the rental price is within market rates.
    4. Depreciation value– Commercial properties have much more generous depreciation rates than residential properties. This is extremely tax effective.
    5. Property Leasing Options-Tenants are generally businesses and they prefer to sign a long-term lease such as 5 x 5, which means it’s signed for 5 years with an option for another 5 years.
    6. Commercial Property Leasing Terms– Many leases require the tenant to pay all outgoings so the rental received by the landlord is net.
    You can consult commercial real estate agents like Jagaha.com for more clarity about investing and looking for commercial properties in Mumbai.
  2. Saloni Mehta Member

    100% correct. Mumbai is witnessing a huge demand for quality commercial spaces in recent times. Demand is rising for quality commercial property in Mumbai owing to the advent of several corporates and multinationals into Maximum City as Mumbai is sometimes affectionately called.
  3. vaishalilt Member

    There are many Commercial Property in Navi Mumbai where people can invest and can expand their own business. The benefits of investing in commercial property are as follows:

    1. Leasing options becomes open for you
    2. Many youngsters can have their business on rent
    3. Even small businessmen can invest in this property

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