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Best bank for home loan

Discussion in 'Home finance' started by roop_kumar, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. roop_kumar Member


    I want to purchase a flat and like most of other buyers, i am also shopping for home loans. I am confused about the bank which i should use. Most of the offers sound good at first hand but we know how they create problem at later stage. I am a bit inclined towards HDFC bank for home loan. But i need to confirm, so any suggestions on that.

  2. real_buzz Moderator

    I think HDFC is good but i think it is better to shop for PSU banks before you finalize any deal. Now getting loan from PSU banks is a big deal but their offers are better in comparison with Private banks. But yes, HDFC is a good bank to go with.
  3. sunil Member

    IDBI is also good, better get a quote from them as well before you finalise anything on it.
  4. sunil Member

    Go for SBI, LIC Housing finance, there loan approval process is long and tedious but home loan is for long term, so make sure that they don't change their interest rate very often and very high. Private banks are a bit risky in terms of that. PSU home loan companies offer better packages in that term.
  5. real_buzz Moderator

    I agree, SBI, LIC Housing and other PSU banks should be the first choice, It takes months and whole lot of paper work. But there is peace of mind. I am not saying bigger private banks are bad, but remember at the end of the day, they remain private banks.
  6. ramchandran New Member

    HDFC is the best
  7. CedrikStone New Member

    HDFC is well tested of all who are taking loan,in Finland country most of the loan including pikavippi or quick loans are also coming from that bank and just like they said it is the best.
  8. Grace Harris New Member

    For me you really got a good choice of bank.HDFC is really friendly for home loan and my friend use it before.
  9. Leon D. Mason New Member

    I heard a lot about HDFC and it seem that it is not bad for getting home loan.
  10. Aggarwalshipra New Member

    Home Loan if you see are long term loans and you need to be very clear if you are looking for that as it binds you for a decent duration. You have to compare home loans and see that what are the interest rates and mortgages they are Banks are asking for, now if your talk about HDFC Bank it is a decent choice as that bank itself provides you all those things which you need at the time of taking home loan, it gives you affordable interest rates, ease of application, flexible tenure and prompt customer support. And if a women is taking a HDFC Home loan than it charges less interest rate.Other than that India Bulls is also good for Home Loan and SBI is also good for Home loan
  11. Surajmourya New Member

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