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Best Broker For Option Trading

Discussion in 'Brokerage firms & Trading Platforms' started by sunil, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. sunil Member

    I had accounts with many share trading broker firms like sharekhan, reliance securities, edelweiss and Geojit.

    I started with sharekhan when i was only investing in stocks and mutual funds.

    Then for lower brokerages, i opened account in edelweiss and then due to trading platform issue, i opened account in geojit. By this time, i was trading in option also.
    But they were charging me Rs 75 per lot in option trading which is really expensive so i opened account in reliance securities where they were charging me only Rs 50. But after opening account i came to know that they are not reliable and may execute transaction without informing customers. Therefore though i had a account with reliance security, i never used it.

    In the meantime, my relationship manager from edelweiss informed me that they can get reduction in option brokerage to Rs50.

    I started using edelweiss for option trading but their ledger balance and reporting part is too confusing. In geojit and sharekhan, reporting is extremely simple and you can easily make out money charged along with other expenses.

    As edelweiss reporting part is not very good, i am now looking for a new share trading company which offer Rs 50 or less for option trading with good reporting and reputation.

    Can someone recommend good option trading brokerage house or company in India?
  2. RajeshPrajapati New Member

    I think the number of investors in India are any and so you won't have difficulty finding good brokers. Now you even have the option to choose online brokers. Speak or chat to multiple brokers from Trade Smart Online before you decide whom to choose for your tradings. You need to negotiate the rates too.

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