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Best ECN Brokers

Discussion in 'Brokerage firms & Trading Platforms' started by xtreamforex, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. xtreamforex Member

    My name is Anu
    I am officially representative of Xtreamforex
    XtreamForex is a forex broker, Member of Grandinvesting Group

    Incorporated in MIS
    Registration number 84516 IBC 2016
    Company number: 84516
    If you have any question regarding this broker about the services and promotion feel free to ask me here. i will be happy to assist you.

  2. xtreamforex Member

    Become a Introducing Broker(IB) with XtreamForex
    Earn extra money with XtreamForex IB program. Refer clients to XtreamForex and get exciting commission. The commission is every day pay out. Minimum commission is 7$ per lot and highest commission is 25$ per lot. For marketing you get support from our team.
    ü Commission is up to 25$ per lot
    ü Commission Daily Payout
    ü Marketing Support
    ü 25% on Sub Affiliates
    ü Auto Rebate
    ü Full Access to Statistics
    Visit:- https://affiliates.xtreamforex.com/

  3. xtreamforex Member

    XtreamForex – Payment Methods

    At XtreamForex payment methods is fast, reliable and easy!

    XtreamForex has developed a custom made payment methods interface in member area to make account funding and payments simple and hassle-free using our pioneering sample portal, a single interface for all of your needs.

    Payment and funding authorization are fully automatic, XtreamForex portal allows deposits and withdrawals using a simple interface.

    XtreamForex offers its clients a wide variety of local and international payment options. Choose the payment option that most suits you in XtreamForex!!!

  4. xtreamforex Member

    XtreamForex - Academy

    As a forex trader to be aware about Forex news, Market movements and current Economic events is most important. Place your Trades with a good market knowledge.
    With XtreamForex its very easy to learn forex and take your trades according to the market movements. We are providing daily technical analysis on our website and market news etc.
    · Forex News
    · Cryptocurrency News
    · Market Morning Briefing
    · Forex Forecast
    · Weekly Forecast
    · Economic calendar
    · Forex Article
    For more details visit to our website:- https://xtreamforex.com/academy/
  5. xtreamforex Member

    Get 30% TRADABLE BONUS on every deposit - XtreamForex


    Xtreamforex Offer you double your investment with Forex Tradable Bonus. Feel secure with a broker that ensure safety of your fund and provides the best trading environment to make most out of your strategy. XtreamForex welcome all of their clients with a Tradable bonus on every deposit in the live account. Deposit at least 500 USD to get the Tradable Bonus. Joining Link:- https://xtreamforex.com/tradable_bonuses30.html

    Promotion’s Time:
    ·Start: Starts from 14th May 2019
    ·End: Promotion Ends on 31st December 2019
    ·Minimum Deposit: 500 USD

    Offer is Applicable: The clients with live account and Minimum Deposit 500 USD.

    How to Apply:
    ·Register to the Live Account.
    ·Make Minimum Deposit 500 USD.
    ·Get up to 30% Tradable Bonus in your account.
  6. xtreamforex Member

    Where Does News Trading Go Wrong?

    When news releases are put out, traders base their trading on those releases. It can lead to strength or weakness in a currency depending on the news and what it corresponds to. However the expectation of currency changes that a news release gives does not always play out as expected, and for traders who choose to trade on news this can be problematic. There are two main factors that may confuse news traders.

    US indicators can produce the opposite result of the dollar, due to the risk on risk off mentality, so a weaker than expected US indicator can lead to a strong US dollar. That is because the US dollar affects the whole world, and it’s better to be safe by using the US dollar. When indicators surpass expectations, the whole world’s currencies are expected to improve so no safety is needed and the dollar is sold.

    This behaviour has taken place for long periods of time in the aftermath of the financial crisis. In that case, never ending expectations caused the currency to return to normal behaviour followed by weak data. Creating more dollars to buy bonds weakens the US dollar, and positive figures lower chances of raising the US dollar.

    The second expectation that traders have on big events such as rate decisions, where high expectations don’t come true and leads to disappointment. Or high expectations do come true but they were priced in or over priced in that any result leads to sell off. This scenario is called “Buy the rumour, sell the fact” it can even happen when the event is not a rumour but a well know scheduled and debated event.
    For example, a future rate cut in Australia may result in a rally for the Australian dollar if this even would be priced in. This can happen despite the usual behaviour of a rate cut hurting the perspective currency and despite reality meeting expectations.
  7. xtreamforex Member

    How to Limit your Risk while Trading?

    No matter what method of trading, traders use, and what strategies they follow they should constantly be paying close attention to the money they are spending and the risk they have for losing that money. This can happen though one main thing which many traders choose to ignore; Cutting losses.
    It’s easy to get excited with an open position and keep it open because it is gaining profits or because it could possibly gain profits, so excited that when thing take a turn for the worst you are still convinced you have a chance for profit.

    But cutting losing trades before they drain all your position is the biggest struggle traders have, especially at the beginning of entering the world of Forex. Leaving a losing trade is a win on its own because you save more losses, but it’s much easier said than done. And for many actually leaving a trade is emotionally hard as they truly they believe they have a shot at winning.

    It is always said that 90 percent of all traders fail at Forex Trading; the number is so high because traders don’t how to keep their losses to a minimum, which is one of the most important things to learn in Forex trading. Developing a Forex strategy should revolve around minimizing losses and keeping losses small usually refers to the overall number of money lost rather than how many trades lost. Because if you lose 100 dollars in 10 positions in a row, it is just the same as loosing 100 dollars on 20 positions. What matters is the money you are losing or making, and you need to learn to utilize your initial funds and trades in a manner that saves you the most money.

    Learning how to manage risk and money is something you learn with time and experience, as you make some mistakes and fix them, and realize where your money is being mainly lost. But you should always start off with an initial plan that will help you manage your money right and use it in the right way to save the most possible for yourself.
  8. xtreamforex Member

    Main Differences between Forex and Options

    In Forex trading Margin is one of the biggest elements of trading. The maximum margin is determined by each broker and can but up to 1:500, it is designed to allow traders to increase their investment capital so they can make a larger trade, in Binary Options there is no use of margin at all.

    Pay Outs
    With Forex there can’t be any specified numbers on profits or losses. Traders can apply a Stop Loss order, to makes sure no big losses are made, but depending on how the market moves as the position is open losses and profits can be wide or narrow. A trader could lose all the money in his account in one trade. With Binary options the investment is pre-determined and a trader already knows how much he will make if the trade goes well and how much he will lose if it doesn’t.

    Closing a Position
    With Forex trading you can choose exactly when to close a position as the markets change. When a position opens there are no limits about when it should close that is entirely up to the trader and the decision can be made during the trade. With Binary Options the time frame is pre-determined, and the trade has to play out till the expiry date. Some brokers offer the option of “early closure” meaning you can exit your position at some point during the trade if you feel you are losing, but at a percentage cost.

    Order Types
    In Forex trading there are many order types including buy/sell, limit, stop, One Cancels the Other, Trailing Stop, Hedge Orders, and many others. In Binary Options there are five types of orders, high/low, 60 second options, Touch/No Touch, Boundary Options and Options builder.

    Trade Size
    Some Forex brokers allow trading micro lots, which are 1,000 units of the base currency, the maximum trading amount is determined by each broker and can be as high as 10,000,000 dollars. In Binary Options, the minimum and maximum is determined by each broker. The trading amount can be as low as 5 dollars per trade, and the maximum can be 1,000 dollars, or 5,000 dollars or more.
  9. xtreamforex Member

    Making a Profitable Business in the Forex Market

    For many people trading may be something small they do on the side, and do not take really seriously but for some trading can become their main source of income, or at least a big part of it and that is when Forex trading can become a Forex Business.

    Like any other business you need to calculate and manage your costs. In Forex the costs are the losses you are likely to suffer through your trades, the commission you will pay to the broker through the spread – or separately – your basic equipment which is a computer and internet access.

    Losing trades may seem like a cost you can avoid but they are not, no matter how good of a trader you are and how much money you are making, you are always going to have some losing trades, and it will be your biggest cost as a trader. So your plan should be to make sure your revenue can offset your cost enough for you to make a profit.

    You need to always make sure that over all you have successful trades making enough profits to cover the losing ones, over all costs and leave a profit, otherwise it is completely useless to trade, and you will be spending more than you are making.

    You can do that by making goals for your trading journey and always aim at reaching them. You goals should be to reach a very high percentage of winnings opposed to the percentage of losing or the winning trades need to be larger than your losing trades to balance it off. This is what is referred to as the risk reward ration. For example your risk reward ration can be set at 1:2 for every trade, meaning 35 to 40 percent of the times your trade have to right. Most successful traders win between 40-60% of the time however their wins are substantially bigger than their losses and therefore make up for the imbalance.
    So in essence you can be wrong more than you are right and still make a big profit.

    It takes a lot more skills and tactics to have a Forex business of course, and you cannot find out about all of them through one article but over time you can learn to manage your trading well enough to make a good business out of it.
  10. xtreamforex Member

    Wide Range of Forex Trading Products offered by XtreamForex

    Forex trading is buying and selling of currency pairs with intent to make money or hedge investments. Forex market is most liquid asset class to trade and invest globally. There is wide range of foreign exchange products for trading that investors can pick up without difficulty but before trading in real money, it is advisable to open a demo account and try out different strategies that you could use in an actual foreign exchange environment.

    XtreamForex is one of the Top Online Forex Broker who offers wide range of Forex Trading Products globally. These Forex Trading Products include:
    1) Forex Products
    2) Cryptocurrencies
    3) Indices
    4) Stocks

    1) Forex Products
    Forex Product available for trading is currency pairs. Currency pairs are the most renowned foreign exchange product in the market. Investors trade currency pairs globally. In Forex Products one currency is traded among other. The most renowned currency pairs include GBP to USD, EUR to USD and USD to JPY. With XtreamForex you can Trade More than 60 Major, Minor and Exotic currency pairs from 0.0 pips.

    2) Cryptocurrencies
    Cryptocurrency is a digital currency built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions safe and sound and difficult to fake. In simple words Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange value that exists in the digital world. With XtreamForex Trade the world's most traded digital currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more under one Forex Trading Platform.

    3) Indices
    Indices traders speculate on price movements in stock Indices like the FTSE 100, the Dow Jones and DAX. Indices price movements and unpredictability are affected by factors like political events, major factors which affect companies in a particular sector, economic data like employment figures and big changes in the currencies markets. Trade Indices with excellent trading conditions and competitive spreads.

    4) Stocks
    Create and manage your own portfolio of companies. Trade 60+ Stocks of some of the largest and most famous companies of US, UK and EU. XtreamForex gives you competitive spreads and exceptional execution on some of the world's most popular shares.
  11. xtreamforex Member

    Forex Tips

    Forex trading takes more than just learning and skills but it takes confidence and belief. It is very easy to be discouraged by fails and hard times and stress and give up. Of course we do not want to deny that there is a time when for some people the best choice is to quit, but in many cases it is important to try and fight for what you believe in.

    Having confidence in your Forex trading is a package with having confidence in yourself in general. You need to believe that you can achieve what you think you can. Most successful people – not just traders – in the history of the world believed in their own power of visualization. Meaning they wanted to get somewhere and they did one way or another never really giving up hope. Forex trading most definitely requires never losing hope and pushing to get where you want because it is not an easy or fast process.

    You need to believe that you are a successful trader and act as such. This is not to encourage fake over confidence – because it can be harmful – but encourage healthy confidence in your abilities and your skills. If you tell yourself that you are not a good trader and you believe it then your whole outlook will be negative and it will make it harder for you to have the confidence to make the right choices. Hesitating during trading and questioning yourself will only lead to loss.

    Aside from being confident in yourself, you need to be confident in your plan, because your trading plan is your main guide and if you don’t trust it enough to always stick to it then you’re in trouble. Of course there are stages where you will go back to the plan and adjust it and make it better, but that happens when you are reviewing your trades, not while you are executing them. During trading you need to have 100% confidence in your plan and strategy and follow them.

    Next to your trading plan you should have a risk management plan, and one which you believe is and will continue to work well. Once again it takes some time before you get the right plan, but when you do you have to trust the plan and follow it in order to keep managing your risks and money right.
    Last but most definitely not least always keep a trading journal; it is your way of crafting and perfecting your plan.
  12. xtreamforex Member

    Most Volatile Currency Pairs of 2019


    Want to start Forex Trading but don’t know which forex pairs you need to focus for profit? Nobody can give this answer correctly as it depends upon the trader’s knowledge about that currency pair and the volatility of currency pairs. You need to take the time to analyze different pairs against your own strategy, to determine which are the best Forex pairs to trade on your own account.

    What Volatility Refers to?
    Volatility is a term used to indicate the change in trading price of pairs in a specific period of time. Greater the scope of price variation, greater volatility is considered to be there. The volatility of a pair is measured by calculating the standard movement away of its returns. The standard difference is a measure of how widely values are dispersed from the average value (the mean).

    The importance of volatility for traders
    Being aware of a trading product's volatility is important for every trader, as different levels of volatility are better suited to certain tricks and psychologies. For example, a Forex trader looking to progressively develop his funds without taking on a lot of risk would be advised to choose a currency pair with lower volatility. On the other hand, a risk-seeking trader would look for a currency pair with higher volatility in order to cash in on the superior price differentials that volatile pair offers.

    What affects the volatility of currency pairs?
    Currency pairs are affected by following factors or events:
    · Economic or Market Related Events
    · Change in Interest Rate of a Country
    · Drop in Commodity Prices

    The degree of volatility is generated by different aspects of the paired currencies and their economies. Moreover drivers of volatility include inflation, government debt, and current account deficits; the political and economic stability of the country whose currency is in play will also influence FX volatility. As well, currencies not regulated by a central bank - such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - will be more volatile since they are inherently speculative.
    According to the chart we come to the point that GBP/NZD is the most volatile currency pair of 2019.
  13. xtreamforex Member

    XtreamForex is the Fastest Growing ECN Forex Broker in the Financial Market

    XtreamForex is a Brand Name Of Top Trading Firm Grand Investing LTD. Grand Investing LTD was incorporated in October 2007 and is headquartered in the centre of Majuro, Marshall Islands. The Company is a member of Grand Investing Group, one of the Biggest Trading Companies in southeast Europe. Grand Investing Group has twenty years of experience in investment and commercial banking, as well as real estate investments.
    In January 2016, XtreamForex - (a trade name of Grand Investing LTD) - was formed in order to provide retail investors access to the currency, commodities, energies and equities markets.
    Clients of XtreamForex are offered a choice of 5 account types, in order to suit the needs of traders of all levels and preferences. All accounts, except the ECN and ECN Pro, are commission-free and offer variable spreads.
    Swap-free service is available to clients of Islamic belief on Micro & Standard account types. Scalping, hedging as well as automated strategies (EAs) are allowed on the Xtream account.
    XtreamForex is a member of the Investors Compensation Fund and that client funds are held in segregated bank accounts as per our regulations requirements. What is more, the broker provides negative balance protection, ensuring that its clients do not lose more than they have invested.

    Trading Conditions
    Minimum Initial Deposit
    XtreamForex requires a minimum investment of $5 from traders to open an account, which is a very low minimum deposit requirement.

    Maximum Leverage
    The maximum leverage rates offered by this broker are high, reaching 1:1000.

    Forex Trading Platform
    XtreamForex offers its customers the famous MetaTrader 4 (MT4), desktop and mobile versions available (for Android, iPad & iPhone).

    Customer Support
    XtreamForex Customer support is available 24/5 during market opening times. We believe to build long-term relationships with our clients and all the people who work with us.

    The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped platform that allows trading in Forex, CFDs and related products. It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics on financial markets, conduct transactions, create and use Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are advanced automated trading systems written in MQL4 that are able to analyze market conditions automatically, open and close positions and place, modify or delete orders.\

    Forex Promotions & Bonuses

    Join any one of our Forex Promotions from XtreamForex and get the most out of your trading. Some of our promotions will support your account in the case of drawdown and some of them support you wile opening trades. All of XtreamForex promotions and bonuses increase your trading volume and the only thing you need to do is to trade on regular basis and enjoy profit.

    At the time of writing of this review, XtreamForex offers its traders the following promotions:
    - 100% Credit Bonus
    This bonus applies to clients with minimum deposit $100 and cannot be withdrawn from the trading account.

    - 30% Tradable Bonus
    This bonus applies to clients with minimum deposit $500 and can be withdrawn from the trading account.

    - Everyday Payout
    As a IB you can earn up to $25/Lot commissions for each traded lot by your referred clients and this time you can withdraw your daily earned commission at the end of the day. Every 24 hour you will be able to cash out your earned commission into your IB account.

    - Annual IB Contest
    XtreamForex starts an annual competition for all our partners. Become a XtreamForex Partner and grab the chance to achieve your dreams!

    Methods of Payment
    XtreamForex offers a large number of payments methods to accommodate all our international clients through their account management portal, MyXtream: Bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards and e-wallets Neteller, Skrill, China UnionPay and Local Deposits and withdrawals.

    XtreamForex charges no fees on deposits and withdrawals.

    XtreamForex is a true ECN Forex Broker that offers reasonable conditions for trading with a variety of products through the robust MT4. Start Online Trading with XtreamForex and Experience Reliable Foreign Exchange Trading with Best Forex Brokers and get an edge with our exceptional Forex Trading conditions.
  14. xtreamforex Member

    Xtreamforex Services

    XtreamForex is committed to provide superior Forex trading services for all clients, irrespective of the size of their account balances. Our whole team is committed to offering best industry leading products and services to all clients.

    · ECN Forex Broker: ECN broker is a forex financial expert. It is a non-dealing desk brokers. The ECN provides an electronic system for buyers and sellers to come together for the purpose of executing trades. It can best be described as a bridge linking smaller market participants with its liquidity providers through ECN FOREX BROKER.

    · Top Forex Trading Platform: Forex Trading Platform have a huge impact on Forex Trading. Forex Trading platforms are the most widely adopted trading association in the entire financial market. It has an incredible amount of exposure among retail traders with a reach and visibility that exceed any other financial product.

    · Forex Market Analysis: Forex Market analysis is used by retail forex traders to determine buy or sell items on currency pairs. Forex Market analysis many types like as Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, weekend analysis etc.

    · Segregated Client Accounts: When a Forex broker are use segregated accounts, it means there is a dedicated account where client funds are kept separate from the broker’s operating funds. In Forex industry, a number of brokers choose Segregated account for their customers.

    · Customer support: XtreamForex are available for customer support 24/5 during marketing times. If you have any query/question please feel free to ask us.

    For more detail visit here: https://xtreamforex.com
  15. xtreamforex Member

    Risk Management

    When trading Forex there are many factors that can affect the trades very badly, be it greed or fear. Some people can get too intoxicated with the thrill of making a profit that they lose a streak of trades that sets them back, or they can invest too much money in each trade and get wiped out. All these factors need to be managed, and that is where risk management comes in. Risk management not only reduces risk for trades but makes sure that traders have a plan to recover their losses.

    Reward to Risk Ration

    With this method of risk management, traders have to consider the possible reward with the successful completion of a transaction, when they are deciding on which trade to make. This includes considering the spread as it affects the price a lot. The possible reward from the trade has to be big enough to cover the fees you will be paying the broker through the spread, so the trader puts a stop to execute a sell order automatically if the trade moves against him, this protects the capital and makes sure losses won’t more than the fee.

    So if a spread costs 2 pips and a 50 pip trading loss is acceptable, then the reward expected should be 152 pips so you get a 3:1 reward risk ration. This means a downside of 50 pips with an upside of 152 pips can cover the spread, and give you a 150:50 reward risk ration.

    Capital protection & Risk Management

    Using this method a trader makes sure each trade uses no more than 2% of the capital. This makes sure that even with a series of bad trade the balance won’t go down to 0 and therefore the trader does not go broke. With a constant 2% investment of the capital, it would take an average of 50 losses in order to lose all the funds. This not only smart but also a highly encouraging making sure you don’t end up having to fund all the time and waste your money and lose your courage.

    XtreamForex Risk Management Tips:

    · Try Demo/Practice account.
    · Daily watch the news.
    · Stay updated with current and upcoming Economic events.
    · Open trade with small Lot size.
    · Correlations – increasing risk unknowingly.
    · Always set your stop loss and take profit.

    For more detail visit here: https://xtreamforex.com
  16. xtreamforex Member

    Dealing with Forex Customer Support

    The mediator between you and your Forex account is your account manager, and the company's customer support team, here are insider tips on how to deal with customer support while trading with a company for an easy and pleasant process.

    Opening an Account

    When you first decide to open an account with a company, it is your chance to ask about the company and get to know it. The person you will be contacting is getting paid to introduce you to the company and make you feel comfortable. You should feel free to ask anything you need to call at any time and expect your questions answered. You should not feel guilty or uncomfortable for ''bothering'' the good people at the company for it is their job to help you.

    You in turn should also be honest and helpful. If you are asked to provide documents you should make sure you have provided your documents before expecting your account to be open, and if the company specifies that it takes 24 or 48 hours for a procedure to take place, then you should be patient and not call to ask if something is done when the specified time hasn't passed, and lastly and most importantly if you decide that you do not wish to trade with the company after all then be honest and inform the person you are speaking with that you are no longer interested so they can stop bothering you and focus on other clients.

    During Trading

    When you have become a client of the company it is good to establish a friendly and comfortable relationship with your account manager. They want to be comfortable talking with you when any changes happen, or with advice and you want to feel comfortable reaching out to them when you need them, so it always helps to be friendly and nice but also stick to business talk during phone calls keeping in mind that your account manager is probably very busy with many clients and even if they'd like to have a chat with you they can't afford the time.

    What not to ask

    Although you should feel free to ask any questions to your account manager just remember that it is not their job to teach you Forex trading or any form of trading. If you are a complete new comer you can ask them to refer you to Forex education programs that the company or other web sites may offer.
    Also remember that your account manager is by law not allowed to give you trading advice. If he/she does that they are liable to being sued if they give you the wrong advice and you lose your trade. Unless your account manager is licensed by a Forex regulatory authority to give trading advice then you cannot expect them to give you any.

    Closing an Account

    Whether you've been trading for a week or a year with a company if you get to the point where you've chosen to close down your account, you should be straight forward and inform your account manager. If you try to go around it you will have to face the worry of receiving another phone call asking if you will deposit, and your account manager will waste a lot of time trying to reach out to you believing you will eventually deposit.

    Connect with XtreamForex and make your Trading strong. Our whole committed to provide superior Forex trading services with excellent results. For more detail Visit here: https://xtreamforex.com
  17. xtreamforex Member

    Forex Hedging

    When trading, all traders are trying to find the best way to minimize risk and increase profits, one way of doing that is through hedging.
    Hedging is when the same trader opens two positions in the opposing directions. So the same trader will open one position going long on a currency pair, and another position going short on a currency pair.

    While both positions are open the profit is at zero, but once traders decide the right time to close one or the other then they are ready to go either way (selling or buying) to make the profit.

    Hedging is done mainly in foreign exchange trading, because it is flexible and allows the trader the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the currency pair at a particular exchange rate when the time feels right.

    When traders choose to hedge they need to analyse the risk of their hedge, and the types of risk they are taking in the position they are opening, and if it is high or low. Then they need to decide how much they are willing to risk, decide on the most effective strategy and then implement and monitor the position.

    There are different types of hedging, some much more complex than just direct hedging, and traders can take other approaches when necessary.
    Some brokers do not allow direct hedging.

    About XtreamForex

    XtreamForex is one of the most reputable Forex and commodity Broker Company. XtreamForex Is provides superior forex trading services to all clients. Our company's vision is to grow to be a leading and reliable broker that takes pride in offering the most professional pricing and services to Forex Traders. We are building towards a successful, bright and secure future for our company and are committed to build long-term relationships with our clients.
  18. xtreamforex Member

    Forex Scalping

    Traders use many different forms of trading which they feel the most comfortable at, and help them make the best profits they can. Each trader depending on their strong points can find themselves working better and earning more when using a the method which suits them best.

    Scalping is a well-known and commonly used form of trading which suits trader who wants to make large numbers of trades earning small profits each time. This happens by opening a trade, buying a currency pair, and closing it as soon as the smallest profit is made – usually between 3 to five minutes - completely evading risk even if the profit is too small to make a difference.

    The main base of scalping is to make a lot of trades daily – can be up to over a hundred a day – and aim on never losing any money through those trades, but steadily keeps making small profit among small profit slowly building up a larger account.

    The downside of scalping is that it requires large amounts of deposit, to be able to handle the amount of leverage which must be taken to make the short and small trades worthy. It also demands a lot more attention, as none of the positions can be losses, otherwise the other small trades will be imbalanced by losses and therefore become entirely useless. It takes clear and attentive concentration skills to achieve that.

    Of course needless to say, Scalping is time consuming, and would take a trader who can commit to trading for hours on a daily basis in order to keep building up from the small profits made with each trade, therefore it would be very hard to keep up as a scalper if one is not already a full time trader.

    Based on all these facts it makes sense to say that scalping is not for everybody. It is mainly popular due to the fact that it is technically risk free, because even when a loss is made it is small, and over time it depends on no losses being made, but no big profits either. A constant scalper would choose a safely earned small amount over the risk of a great profit opportunity.

    An important aspect of scalping is to always keep consistency in trade sizes, if a trader uses erratic trade sizes while scalping; they are bound to lose a lot of money. If random sizes are chosen it is most likely that an oversized, leveraged loss will erase all the profits of a day’s work, defeating the whole principle of scalping. All trade sizes must be the same, making the amount of losses and gains equal, therefore keeping the trading strategy balanced.

    It is also important to mention that scalping is a popular method to be applied on automated trading programs, due to the fact that it is time consuming and needs very specific and accurate decisions which can be very easily effected by emotions like excitement or greed.

    The way programs work is by trades being placed through the trading day and the system is based on a set of signals derived from technical analysis charting tools that create a buy or sell decision, at the points which the trader has programmed to indicate the right buy or sell conditions.

    Many people find scalping through programs effective and doable, because it does not require their immediate presence, or their constant attention.
    Over all, to become a good scalper, attention, concentration and time are needed, with a lot of practice, and having the intuition to pull out at the right time, even when the profits are too small to seem worthy.

    Read more: https://www.xtreamforex.com/
  19. xtreamforex Member

    Account Comparison

    Choose the account that is best for you and start trading on Financial Market Today!

    XtreamForex offers to its clients multiple Forex Trading Accounts. The trader may choose the trading account that best suits his trading experience and financial possibilities. We offer 5 types of trading accounts i.e Micro, Standard, ECN, ECN Pro, VIP account. Here is account detail to traders to take full advantage of Online Trading. Register your account and start trading with XtreamForex.

    Micro Account:

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    VIP Account:

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    Many people that want to learn to trade on the Forex market feel that they lack the time spend to sit in front of their PC for hours on end watching the market News, about forex, and Forex basic concepts. No need to spend more time there. We provide Trade forex related information here

    Forex: Forex is a conversation of one currency to another. Forex or foreign exchange or currency trading is a worldwide open market for currency trading. This means that the Currency prices are daily Fluctuating against each other, and offering multiple trading opportunities to all entire the world.

    Forex Trading Steps:

    1. Choose a currency pair: Firstly decide which currency pairs you want to trade. With over 65 currency pairs you select the best one that is right for you or for your earning process. Fundamental research tools can assist you spot currency trading opportunities to suit your trading style. We suggested that you take your time to understand the amount of price volatility associated with the currency pair to help manage your risk.

    2. Decide on the type of forex trade: In the forex trading you buy Lots, in the unit of base currency. In CFD Trading you trade a quantity of CFDs in the unit of base currency. In spread betting you trade pound per point movements etc.

    3. Decide to buy or sell: Once you have picked a market, you need to know about currency price, which is done by bringing up an order ticket on theplatform. Every pair is base and quote currency. The base currency is the currency on the left of the currency pair and the quote currency pair on the right sides.

    How do I Trade Forex?

    · Learn concepts of how the forex markets works.
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    Trading Benefits:
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    Most Interesting Facts about Forex Market

    Forex Market is world’s biggest Financial Market. Still many people see Forex as a boring industry, one that demands the constant task of heavy analysis, stress and risk. But if you look deeper into the market, then you will see dynamics and the profit generation opportunities turn it in a lucrative option for making more money or even starting a business.

    Here you can read some most interesting facts about Forex Market if you are start trading in Forex Market.

    1) Forex Market is considered to be the Largest Financial Market in the World where you can buy, sell and speculate on currencies. Approximately 5.3 Trillion Dollars traded daily in Forex Market which is more than future and equity market combined.
    2) 85% of all Forex Trades occur on only major 7 currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, and USD/CHF.
    3) 66% of US Currency is held overseas by private individuals, foreign governments and institutions.
    4) 90% of all foreign exchange transaction includes US Dollar.
    5) 41% of all Forex transactions are conducted in United Kingdom, whereas only 19% happen in US and rest 40% transaction accounts in other part of the world.
    6) 5% of total volume in forex is attributed to retail traders. Approximate 99% of the retail traders can’t turn in a year’s worth of profit.
    7) GBP/USD is also known as cable. Back before fiber optics and satellites, stock exchanges in London and New York communicated by a long steel cable under the Atlantic. Because of this, GBP/USD is still called the ‘cable’ today.
    8) 44% of Forex Traders are between the ages of 25 and 34.
    9) 11% Female Traders represent Forex Market.
    10) 180 Currencies are used in 195 countries across the world.
    11) Kuwaiti Dinar is the world's strongest currency and has the highest currency value.
    12) Germany has the largest global Forex Players.
    13) Forex Traders are referred to as Bull and Bear. The Bulls are optimistic ones who believe that Forex Market will go up at a particular time while bear traders believes that price will fall.
    14) 4X Volume of trading in Forex compared to the Global Gross Domestic Product.
    15) 53X Foreign Exchange Trading Volume compared to NYSE.
    Forex Market is one of the Largest International Financial Market in the world. To make large profit Open an account with Best Forex Broker.
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    Registration Dates:

    Start - 20th January 2020
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    Trading Period

    Start - 1st March 2020
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    Result Announcement - 3RD APRIL 2020

    Contest Availability: WorldWide

    Note: Traders, who already joined XtreamForex, can directly participate in this contest from their member area! Live trading Contest 2020.png
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    Technical Overview of AUD/USD


    The AUD/USD pair will be traded at the level 0.7215 and go down from China released July month trade data at the Early Friday.

    The Aussie pair has as of late been beaten somewhere in the range of 0.7210 and 0.7220 after its U-turn an 18-month top in the midst of the underlying Asian meeting.

    China's July month Trade Balance crossed conjecture and earlier while blazing 442.23 B figures on a Chinese Yuan basis. Subtleties recommend that the Exports flood from 2.3% expected and 4.3% past directions to 10.4% yet Imports switched - 0.7% market understanding with 1.6% figures.

    Except if breaking a rising pattern line from May 22, combined with 21-day EMA, close to 0.7110-0.7100, the bears are less inclined to take controls. Therefore, bulls focusing on the year 2019 top close to 0.7300 should stay confident.

    The AUD/USD was previously close at the level of 0.7233. The Support and Resistance level of the pair will be 0.7184 and 0.7213.


    The EUR/USD pair has attacked multiple times over the most recent five days to close above at the level 1.19.

    On Thursday, the currency pair timed a high of 1.1916 yet located at 1.1876. Comparable value activity was seen on Wednesday and last Friday.

    The repeated removal above 1.19 approves the overbought on the 14-day relative quality record and recommends the ebbing of bullish energy. A comparative message is being resounded by Thursday's turning top flame the one with long wicks and a little body.

    The pair will be situated at 1.1696 (Aug. 3 low), which whenever understood, would doubt a higher lows arrangement on the day by day outline and yield a decrease to 1.1422 (June 10 high).

    The EUR/USD was previously close at the level of 1.1875. The Support and Resistance level of the pair will be 1.1804 and 1.1843.

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  26. xtreamforex Member

    Technical Overview of EUR/USD and GBP/USD


    The EUR/USD pair will run out of the stream and reached the level 1.1916 on Thursday that indicates the technical indicators.

    The EUR/USD pair daily chart indicates the bearish divergence according to the Relative strength index with slow stochastic. Moreover, the bearish divergence occurs that indicates the chart lower highs that opposed the higher lows and the Higher highs in Price that will take to be the sign of the Bullish momentum.

    On Friday the pair was a decline at the level 0.78% to validated the uptrend exhaustion by the Thursday formed the spinning top candle that confirmed the short term bullish to a bearish trend change.

    All things considered, a more grounded pullback might be seen for this present week. Quick help is situated at 1.1696 (Aug. 3 low), which, whenever entered, would declare a double top breakdown on the day by day chart and open the entryways for 1.1482 (focus according to the planned move strategy). On the higher side, 1.1916 is the level to beat for the bulls. At press time, the pair is sidelined close to 1.1791.


    GBP/USD was traded around the level at 1.3050 during the early Monday's Asian meeting. In doing as such, the Cable trims increase following a U-turn a seven-day-old helpline. The information could be followed by the pair's failure to cross 200-HMA.

    Other than the 200-HMA and quick helpline, weak RSI conditions and waiting MACD furthermore bring up issues for the pair traders. Subsequently, they search for an away from of any of these key specialized levels for new headings.

    The Cable pair will be traded upside that breaks the 200 HMA at level 1.3067 that will aim to go at the level 1.3100 the pair further go up with the ascending trend line and currently traded at the level 1.3190.

    It will be expected, a drawback break below the referenced helpline, close at the level 1.3020, can attack the 1.3000 points to return to July 28 top close to 1.2950.

    It ought to likewise be noticed that the pair's ascent past-1.3190 will require approval from 1.3200 before examining the bulls. In the interim, the bears' strength past-1.2950 can feature at the level 1.2840/35.

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    EUR/USD Pair Underpinned As Fiscal Impasse In Washington

    The EUR/USD pair will be rally looks at the technical indicators that will pull back to the remain elusive as the impasse in Washington that will keep the dollar into the bulls.

    The EUR/USD pair is trading at the level to 1.1860 according to the press time that will represent the gain at the level with a 0.17% gain on the day. If we see the weekly chart the relative strength index is having the above 70 that will indicate the overbought market conditions for the first time in over 2.5 years.

    Be that as it may, slowed down coronavirus boost dealings in Washington and worrying Sino-US strains may hold the dollar under tension and confine losses in EUR/USD.

    Then, the US and China postponed an audit of their Phase 1 economic accord at first booked for Saturday and have not reported another date up until this point. President Trump gave a chief request on Friday forcing ByteDance, the Chinese organization behind TikTok, to auction or branch off its US online networking business in 90 days.

    GBP/USD Pair Winning the Streak Attack at 1.3100 on Print Three Day

    The GBP/USD pair will go up and picks up the bid at the level near the 1.3100 up with 10% during the Monday Morning. The cable pair will stay beyond the 10-day EMA to the Third day according to the press time.

    According to the RSI and MACD are both against the further run-up, which thus pushes venders to search for any drawback past at the level 1.3055, involving 10-day EMA, for ways.

    It will traded at the level 1.3000 and the month to month low around the level with 1.2980 can offer an extra channel toward the south, a rising pattern line from June 30, at 1.2885 presently, turns into the key help to watch.

    On the upside, 1.3140 and the month to month top around 1.3185 can offer close by protection from the pair in front of the March month's peak including at the level 1.3200.

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    XtreamForex offers a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods which include wire transfer and a variety of e-wallets such as Neteller, Bitcoin, Skrill, and others. Our funding process is fast and reliable you can use various methods to funding your account with various payment methods. XtreamForex funding process is fully automated will just need to enter the amount In USD while depositing the funds in your trading account. Deposits can take between 10 minutes and 2 business days depending on the method and are mostly fee-free.

    XtreamForex provides you a variety of local and international payment options to choose from. Choose the payment option that suits your requirement with easy processing.

    While transfer your funds you will not need to convert your funds in USD or some other money, keeping and attracting back using your area payment indicates you don't have to stress over money change.

    Steps To Follow For Deposit Payment

    ● Go to the Deposit section in your Member Area, choose the method of payment such as Neteller, Skrill, and others.
    ● Select the trading account you would like to top up, enter the deposit amount, select the currency, and click Next.
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    ● You will see a confirmation page with the message that you will be receiving a text on your phone with instructions to complete the transaction. Open the text on your phone and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

    XtreamForex is continuously trying to make deposits and withdrawals as easy as possible for our customers so that getting paid becomes faster than ever before. We have recently launched two new payment methods of Deposit from African Countries that can deposit via Online Naira Payment Gateway and Trade Forex. This allows the user to most secure, easy to use, and mobile-friendly Payment Gateway for African Countries. We are committed to our clients to provide them the better trading conditions so that they can easily focus on Trading and earn a reliable profit.

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    EUR/USD Goes Deeper Below and Strengthening Momentum

    The EUR/USD pair used the gauge trend strength and the trend changes on the daily chart histogram that producing the deeper bars below the zero line on the bearish momentum.

    The trendline support of the 14-day relative strength Index is dived out and signaling to the end of the uptrend to the low level near to the 1.08 that observed in May.

    That alongside Friday's bearish covering light recommends scope for a decrease to the level at 1.1729 the lower end of the everyday chart sideways channel. A violation there would move the concentration to the rising trendline support, presently traded at the level 1.1620. On the higher side, a nearby over Friday's high of 1.1883 is expected to negate the bearish viewpoint.

    GBP/USD Slipped below to the Monthly Support Line

    The GBP/USD was traded at level 1.3090 during this early Monday. The cable pair slipped below to the 100-bar SMA level during this late Friday that breaks the short term support line to the convince seller.

    Thus, bears may search for sections under an upward inclining pattern line from July 30, at the level 1.3055 now, before expressing their strength.

    In doing as such, 1.3000 and the month to month base around at the level 1.2980 could come back to the figures in front of featuring 1.2915 and July 28 low close to the level 1.2840.

    In the interim, an upside break of 100-bar SMA, right now around 1.3105, can focus on the early-month top containing the level at 1.3185 before standing up to March month's top near 1.3200.

    If the cable pair stays effective past-1.3200, the ongoing high at the level 1.3265 and December 31, 2019, top close to 1.3285 will be on their radars.

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    Technical Analysis Of EUR/GBP USD

    EUR/USD Pair Flags the Breakout on the 15-Minutes Chart

    EUR/USD jumped above at the level 1.1910 during Monday's Asian trading hours, setting off a bullish banner breakout on the 15-minute outline.

    A banner is a continuation pattern it quickens the former move. The currency pair rose from 1.18 to 1.1920 on Aug. 28 preceding becoming a banner.

    The breakout, along these lines, shows a continuation of the convention from lows closes at the level to 1.18.

    The pattern has made space for a meeting to 1.20 (focus according to the planned move strategy).

    The quick preference would turn bearish if the pair falls back below at the level 1.19, exposing the bull banner breakout and moving the concentration to the climbing 5-day straightforward moving normal, presently at 1.1860.

    GBP/USD Refreshes on 12- Week Old Resistance Line Goes In Focus

    GBP/USD falls from the year's head of at the level 1.3368 to 1.3351 in the midst of the underlying hour of Tokyo open on Monday. All things considered, MACD pushes the bulls while 21-day SMA joins a rising pattern line from June 30 to confine the pair's momentary drawback.

    Henceforth, bulls can keep the reins and attack an upward inclining pattern line from the early June month, at the level 1.3383 now, while focusing on December 2019 top close to 1.3515 as the following level.

    During the pair's upside past-1.3515, 1.3620 and September 2017 high close to the level 1.3660 can challenge the Cable buyers.

    Then, any drawback below March month's top around 1.3200 will bring the statement to 1.3130 help conversion including 21-day SMA and the previously mentioned pattern line.

    Regardless of whether the pair slips below at the level 1.3130, the 1.3000 edge and the month to month low around 1.2980 will be limiting the extra south-run.

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  32. xtreamforex Member

    Technical Analysis of EUR/ GBP USD

    EUR/USD Defend For the Bulls to Defend at the level 1.18

    The EUR/USD pair will be traded in a sidelined to the near at the level 1.1837 during this Monday Morning according to the Asian Hours.

    The pair will be created the long-tailed candle for the second straight day on this Friday marking to the bear failure below the support level 1.18 and shows the signaling for the reversal higher.

    Nonetheless, a move over Friday's high of 1.1865 is expected to confirm a finish of a pullback from the ongoing high of the level 1.2011 and set the bulls back into the driver's seat. On the other hand, a break under trendline ascending from May 14 and July 1 highs would suggest a bullish-to-bearish pattern change. At press time, the trendline uphold is situated at the level at 1.1765.

    GBP/USD Old Line Goes Around 1.3250 Seller attack at Seven-Week Support Line

    The GBP/USD pair remains on the back foot to the declining level to the 1.3248 goes down 0.23% on the day during the early Monday Trading.

    In doing as such, the Cable affronts Friday's Doji light, suggesting an inversion of the past bearish move, in the midst of increasing chances of a no-deal Brexit.

    The statement as of now trades almost a momentary helpline, at 1.3245 presently, sponsored by the bearish MACD signals.

    In any case, 21-day SMA and a two-month-old rising pattern line, separately around 1.3185 and 1.3140 can scrutinize the traders after.

    Then again, a day by day shutting past the 10-day SMA level of 1.3282 will stand up to a momentary flat opposition around the level 1.3360.

    For a situation where the bulls figure out how to cross 1.3360, 1.3400 round-figures, and the as of late reflected multi-week high around 1.3480/85 will be at the center of the spotlight.

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  33. xtreamforex Member

    Technical Analysis of AUD/ GBP USD

    AUD/USD Price Seems Multiple Failure Above 10-day SMA

    AUD/USD is trading to a great extent unaltered on the day close to 0.7274 at press time, having confronted dismissal over the 10-day straightforward moving normal (SMA) 0.7285 early today.

    The Aussie bulls have neglected to keep increases over the 10-day SMA in five out of the last six trading days.

    Readers should take note that the 10-day SMA has finished out and is drifting south, demonstrating a bearish arrangement. All things considered, the repeated inability to beat that diving normal could be taken as a notice of a rising pullback.

    The immediate help is seen at 0.7192 (Sept. 9 low), which, whenever entered, would build up a bearish lower high, lower low arrangement, and reveal the mysterious degree of 0.70. On the higher side, the Sept. 10 high of 0.7325 is the level to beat for the bulls.
    EUR/USD Pair Indecision Suggest Doji Weekly

    EUR/USD made a Doji candle a week ago as it turned the two different ways before printing a level close.

    The Doji shows uncertainty in the business center. Thusly, the predisposition will stay impartial while the conversion standard is held inside the Doji's high and low at the level of 1.1918 to 1.1753.

    A move below 1.1753 would confirm a bearish Doji inversion example and open the entryways for 1.1495 (March 9 high). On the other hand, a break above 1.1918 would flag a resumption of the more extensive upturn and uncover late highs above 1.20.

    The pair is trading generally unaltered on the day at the level 1.1838.

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    Trade With XtreamForex

    XtreamForex is also extremely popular among Introducing Brokers and affiliates, and it is indeed seen as a positive approach by the company to promote its brand among lesser-known markets. The company’s prime attention towards ensuring an excellent customer-service oriented brokerage service is one of the key reasons why existing XtreamForex clients continue to do business with the broker.

    XtreamForex Trading Account Specification

    XtreamForex has secured a critical aspect of the money related business sectors by offering Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Shares, CFDs through its diverse trading accounts. We positively understand their customers' choices and preferences, which is the reason they have joined a huge number of trading instruments to offer a differing item portfolio. In any case, with regards to picking a record, Xtreamforex gives nine unique sorts of accounts, which is a great deal for the regular trader. The base store needed to open an account is $5, while the greatest We provide the maximum leverage upto 1:1000.

    Commission And Spread

    With many currency pairs (major, minor, and exotic currency pairs), XtreamForex offers a wide range of currency pairs. As a beginner, it is always advised to start out with narrow-spread currency pairs. In this case, even if you lose money, the loss will not be significant. The spreads offered by the XtreamForex depend on the type of the account you registered with. With VIP and Currenex accounts the spread starts as low as 0 pips.

    Funding Options Available at XtreamForex

    There are a variety of funding options available at XtreamForex. To make sure that customers can safely deposit and withdraw their funds, multiple banking options are available. Choose your favorite payment method for smooth financial transfers. Of course, the traditional Wire Transfer is offered for deposits, together with Credit Cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.), Moneybookers (Skrill), Neteller, Webmoney, and PerfectMoney.We recently launched the Niara payment for the South Africa region.

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  35. xtreamforex Member

    Technical Analysis of EUR/AUD USD

    EUR/USD Pair Seems on Bearish Reversal With Two Weeks Indecisive Price Action

    The EUR/USD pair seemed the two weeks indecisive on action to the short-term bearish reversal.

    The pair was formed to the second consecutive Doji candle if we have a look at the weekly chart during Sept 18. The Doji candle represents the indecision in the market price. Moreover, in the case of the back to back Doji, the candle appears to the candle that appears to the following to the notable rally at the level to the 1.08 to 1.2011 that indicates the buyer’s exhaustion.

    The lower highs on the week after week graph MACD histogram additionally recommend bull weakness. Thus, a pullback might be found for the time being.

    Acknowledgment under a week ago's low of 1.1737 would confirm a bullish-to-bearish pattern change.

    On the higher side, a day by day close above at the level 1.20 is expected to re-establish the bullish predisposition.

    AUD/USD Price Keeps on Pullbacks to SMA Confluence 10-/21day

    The AUD/USD price rises at the level to 0.7310 up to the level 0.28% during the Monday Trading Session. The Aussie pair seems intraday high at the level 0.7314 while turns to the U-turn to the 10 day and the 21 day SMA confluence.

    Considering the pullback from the key SMA joint, AUD/USD costs may attack the falling pattern line from September 01, at 0.7327 now, during the further recuperations.

    Nonetheless, the pair's upside past-0.7327 gets suspicious, which if happen requirements to cross a week ago's top close to 0.7350 before coordinating the bulls towards the August 31 top near the level 0.7415.

    Then, a day by day closing below at the level 0.7285/80 help position will assault half and 61.8% Fibonacci retracements of AUD/USD upside set apart in August, separately around the level 0.7245 and 0.7205.

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  36. xtreamforex Member

    Technical Analysis of EUR/ USD CAD

    EUR/USD Turns Bearish Seems on Weekly Indicators

    The EUR/USD pair could extend and decline at the level 1.77% to the crucial weekly chart to the indicators to the reporting bearish conditions.

    The MACD gauges trend seems the strength and trend changes that crossed to the below zero levels that indicating the Bullish to Bearish trend change. It will turn negative for the first time.

    Move Further from the 5 and 10-week simple moving average have produced the bearish crossover. The pair will likely to test to the resistance turned the support of the level at 1.1495. The EUR/USD is currently traded at level 1.1632 that declined to 1.1872 to 1.1612 to the last week.

    The pair was traded close above the level high at the level 1.1872 invalidate the bearish bias.

    USD/CAD Price on Double Tops Above the Level 1.3400

    The USD/USD seems traded at the level bids 1.3400 up to 0.07% during the Monday Trading Session. The loonie pair as of late took a U-abandon 21 and 50-HMA conversion, which thus takes information from MACD to claim the earlier week's highs set apart on Thursday and Friday.

    Thinking about the quality of the bullish force, not to overlook solid drawback underpins, the statement is probably going to break 1.3418/20 opposition and focus on July 30 top close to the level 1.3460.

    Notwithstanding, USD/CAD upside past-1.3460 will be addressed by the June 23 low at the level of 1.3485 and the 1.3500 limits.

    Unexpectedly, a drawback break of the previously mentioned HMAs close to the level 1.3380/85 will take a lay on the upward inclining pattern line from September 22, at 1.3350 at this point.

    For a place where USD/CAD costs slip below at the level 1.3350, another helpline from September 18, at present around 1.3310, will be the key.

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  37. xtreamforex Member

    Technical Analysis of Bitcoin & Ethereum

    Bitcoin Screams Sell and Ethereum Eyeing on Breakout Cusps

    The Cryptocurrency Markets shook this week after releasing the news that surrounding the largest trading derivatives. Bitcoin tumbles to the level at $10,400 that recovering slightly at the level of $10,600. As we know that in the previous day the US President Donald Trump tested Positive from COVID-19 that lose the cryptocurrency dipped at the level to $10,400.

    Ethereum investigated levels below $320 twice in September. Different endeavors were made to pull the crypto above $400, however, little advancement was made above the level $390. Additionally, for as far back as about fourteen days, the cost has stayed topped under at the level $360.

    Yearn.finance, gotten an enormous beating a week ago, losing over 38% of its worth. Be that as it may, the losses were not novel to the decentralized money (Defi) token since driving advanced resources, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum jumped to $10,400 and $335, separately.

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    Technical Analysis of Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Price Liftoff at the level $28,000

    The bitcoin seems the uptrend that will follow the uptrend again with the various extreme losses that will test the level at $11,800.

    Moreover, the BTC/USD is traded at the level by $11,200 before going to resume the uptrend.
    Notwithstanding, he is certain that the leader digital currency will take off to the level at $28,000. In addition, the gracefully ready to move will undoubtedly decrease as foundations and governments will straightforwardly buy Bitcoin from miners.

    The bitcoin is trading at the level of $11,430 after the recovery of the dip that dragged to the level at $11,200 on Friday. If we have a look at the daily chart the formation of the symmetrical triangle pattern breakout to $12,000.

    Bitcoin's present moment and medium-term bullish viewpoint is stressed by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) 's recuperation from the midline. Quite, trading above $11,800 may call for more purchase orders, making Bitcoin's volume to hop above $12,000.

    The BTC/USD pair was previously closed at the level volume by $1,232.

    Support Level:11437.3,11433.7,11426.3
    Resistance Level: 11448.2, 11455.5, 11459.1

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