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Building Careers In Real Estate

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by rohitverma, May 25, 2012.

  1. rohitverma Member

    Compared with developed countries, India's real estate sector still lacks sophistication and transparency. However, it is now the cynosure of international investors, thanks to the gradual opening up of certain sub-sectors like townships and retail to foreign direct investment. This has naturally brought on the need for better, more capable human resources.

    Though real estate is not rocket science, there is a fair degree of complexity involved in the business. As in any other business, real estate businesses operate either by respond- ing to existing market trends or opportunities, or on the basis of an indepth understanding of the market, keeping an eye on both emerging pos- sibilities and long-term integrity of the market. The first method is reactive and often opportunistic. The latter is based on information rather than gut feeling, and results in assured growth rather than short-term gains that only involve calculated risks.

    India's economy is growing at an annual rate of seven to nine percent. This implies rising incomes and therefore higher aspirations among many social strata. However, real estate prices have been rising concurrent, and building wealth through real estate has become a complicated art in which the practitioner can leave nothing to chance. The scenario is changing fast and there is a lot of professionalism coming in because of the arrival of major international players. Developers are cleaning up their act and introducing best practices and higher transparency now, thanks to evolving market dynamics.
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  2. Tilak New Member

    Wow ! Nice share , thank you..
  3. frishfen New Member

    Building career in real estate business is the best and perfect opinion in recent time because this business is high rated among all business and it's values are also high even in share market real estate shares are also growing high so if you like to invest money in share market so you have to invest in real estate share.
  4. bojemrythem Member

    Now a days, real estate business is one of the best career option to choose as it helps you to get more income and profit. It also gives you a higher degree of tax benefit. Real estate business becomes more popular day by day around the world for its amazing market values.
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  5. mableswift New Member

    Though real estate is not rocket science, there is a fair degree of complexity involved in the business. As in any other business, real estate businesses operate either by respond- ing to existing market trends or opportunities, or on the basis of an indepth understanding of the market, keeping an eye on both emerging pos- sibilities and long-term integrity of the market.

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  6. jackstfen New Member

    Building career in real estate is really bright. Because at this time real estate business are growing very fast and all the people can doing real estate business for making more profit and they really build your career in real estate.
  7. perryseeber New Member

    If anybody want to make their business career bright and good then i have suggest him to choose a real estate sector because nowadays it's a best then other fields. Real estate business help to earning a wide range amount money without any hard working so it's really best for career as my opinion.
  8. stevepetun Member

    When you considered to make a career in the real estate than defiantly ideal decision for you because in this circumstance various good opportunity available for this, I know the current economy crisis this market faced down time but every business faced this problem.
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  9. marcssteve Member

    There are numerous real estate careers to select from and there are many more which I basically will not have enough a chance to discuss here. But do take a look into them anyways because this market contrarily to what some individuals think has job opportunities for fairly.
  10. Dennis Young New Member

    Real estate is been now a perfect choose and i agree with this,in Finland real estate is been successful specially at http://www.arvoasunnot.fi/ and many people now are building their own career on real estate which this year of 2013 is still been a good year for many real estate around the world.
  11. candyflower Member

    In modern times or today’s' life doing career in real estate is very profitable. Many people invested in real estate for profit. Real estate is good source for investment. All information is very informative and useful.
  12. aalisa ray New Member

    Definitely, real estate a good sector to make a career, if you have skill, communicate and convince the peoples easily then this field is perfect for you, These skills are must to have any person in Real Estate sector, with that you can also buy or sell property in partnership with Investors.

    Good Source for Gatineau apartments and houses.
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  13. abhi26july Member

    To be a Real estate builder may be your best choice to take your career ahead because real estate sector is the most secure and successful if you are interested in
  14. paul59539 New Member

    Those who are seeking for an interesting career change may want to consider the option of going into real estate development. It is the perfect career move for those who are expert at managing their finances.
  15. SD Groupkol Member

    Great post keep it up.
  16. Shweta Purohit New Member

    There are many job opportunities in Real Estate sector in India as it is in growing state. But we should also accept that the demonetization has lowered its pace. talking about career, there are a variety of options available:
    1. Residential real estate broker
    2. Commercial real estate broker
    3. Real estate appraiser
    4. Property manager
    5. Real Estate Investment Consultant
    Theses are some of the rising profiles in the core real estate sector. But, there is another side also that is known as Real Estate(Rental Sector)+Technology. Yes, that's true. If you are not looking for core real estate jobs, you can try your luck here in this sector. Many startups are working in this sector, for example, Oyo Rooms, Housing, Fella Homes, 99acers etc. Whereas Oyo, Housing, and 99acers are the online platforms for selling or buying the plots or properties, on the other hand, startups like Fella Homes are working in rental sector providing fully furnished homes without any brokerage in Delhi NCR. In these types of technology-enabled companies, you can find job profiles as:
    1. Technical & Product: Developers, Programmers, Testers
    2. Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketers, Content Writers, Graphic Designers
    3. Business Analyst
    4. Business Development
    5. Sales
    6. Transformation and Property Inspection
    7. Field Executives
    So, no worries friends. You can check online for any of these companies and find your required job. Startups always welcome talent and positive attitude. And talking about services, if you are looking for a flat for rent, or want to buy a property then you can always check online.
  17. Great Share keep it up.
  18. Amar New Member

    There are many online real estate portals like 99acres.com, magicbricks ,fastfox.com, quickr homes which are in the field of real estate. Roles like digital marketer, operations manager are in high demand these days due to the recent digital boom.
    It is always better to work in corporates than take up as an individual real estate consultant as the sale purchase market is on a downside these days. However the rental market as a everlasting demand which still thrives.
  19. John Scott New Member

    Real estate is a great career choice as real estate is booming these days. You should have a good knowledge about real estate - buying and selling property. You should know how to develop a client base to be successful in this industry and generate income.
  20. vipulshah1 New Member

    In the real estate, you don't imagine how much you can earn and not. but career is very bright like a star that twinkles at night in the Sky. But for this, you need to know about buying and selling, convention power to develop a client.

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