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Buy DHFL at 286 for target of 300

Discussion in 'Fundamental and Technical stock analysis' started by sunil, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. sunil Member

    Buy DHFL at current level of 288 at NSE on 10 October 2018. At this stage, it is a very good buy for short term. But you also need to be very careful as it is a very tricky stock. So you need to exit as soon as you achieve your target which could be around 300.
    You can also look to buy it in future or options. It has fallen a lot but with recent news of SBI purchasing its books, it has found support around 250 level and bounced back from there.
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  2. ramdev Member

    thanks for sharing this, DHFL share touched 306 on 12 october 2018. i exited soon after this and it is falling again. What do you think? Is DHFL share going to fall more. What is future of DHFL share in the short term.
  3. sunil Member

    DHFL has fallen from its high of 306, currently it is trading at 270 down by roughly 4%. As per a recent report, rakesh jhunjhunwalla has increased his stake in the company which is a positive sign for the company. But wait for reentering the stock because it may consolidate at this level for some time. It may fall some more before moving up.
    And if you are holding this stock, no need to buy more at current level. Wait for some more correction, and if there is some correction. Buy it.
  4. sunil Member

    Stay away from DHFL share for some time, in fact stay away from these NBFCs for some time because their problems have not been resolved and these issues will continue to hurt them for next few months. These stocks will remain highly volatile. So, it is very dangerous to trade them right now. Wait for things to settle down and then maybe you can reenter DHFL stock at even lower level. Today it is trading at 192.65, down by another 8.19%. last week it was over 250, so it is very volatile. It is recommended not to trade in this.
  5. sunil Member

    DHFL & india bull housing finance’s shares are trading in green today but it doesn’t mean they are out of woods. They have fallen a lot and it could be short covering so don’t jump on these stocks. Wait and watch. Even if you are a risky trader, go with SIP approach for these stocks and buy very small quantities at current stage.
  6. sunil Member

    After rising yesterday, DHFL share is falling again today. It could be bottoming out but it is hard to say at this stage because liquidity issues are still there. So I will suggest to keep it under watch but don’t buy in bulk. Even if you are interested in it, go with SIP mode and add it only after 20% fall because it has been so volatile that this stock can fall even from here. So make sure that you don’t get stuck while bottom fishing.
  7. MULISA New Member

    It has fallen a lot but with recent news of SBI purchasing its books, it has found support around 250 level and bounced back from there.

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