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Challenges for real estate companies

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by deemed, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. deemed New Member

    Indian real sector is one of the hottest sectors in the country. It is growing at a high rate and every day, you will come across a company which you have never heard off. These companies are growing like mushrooms. With so many companies in this sector, it has become very difficult for these companies to survive and flourish. Any thoughts on how they will survive and deliver on the promises they are making to customers?
  2. sunil Member

    Real estate is something which is very close to an average Indian who always dreams to have own house. This urge of buying house among millions of Indian is fueling the growth in the real estate sector. Real estate is also considered one of the finest investment tools in the country where prices have almost doubled in last five years therefore yielding better returns than stock markets which have been quite unstable for last three years.
  3. deemed New Member

    that right
  4. baldev New Member

    There are good companies, there are bad companies in every sector, singling out real estate sector in India won't be fair. Yes, i agree there need to self control as well as government control to check the malpractices in real estate sector.
  5. raj_ddlj New Member

    There are lot of challenges but i don't think real estate companies are more interested in inflating prices rather than managing them.
  6. Leon D. Mason New Member

    I am totally agree and i can say they are really the number one.In Finland country real estate is also something that very successful,in fact i use to be a real estate agent and use to bought a tontti or plot and our sales for it is really increase specially last year.
  7. candyflower Member

    All information is given in the post is informative and useful. Thank you for sharing such nice information.
  8. aalisa ray New Member

    Each and every sector have challenges not only real estate but we can say in real estate sector competition and challenges are high. If you run a real estate company and want get more success the you should need to face challenges.

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