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Do you want right steel TMT Bar for your construction need ?

Discussion in 'General Trading and Investment Discussions' started by Shree_Ji_Steel_Corp, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Shree_Ji_Steel_Corp New Member


    TMT Bars are the backbone of the building structure. A proper bond between cement and tmt is very important for the strength of the building.

    10 most important factors to look :

    1. Technology used while manufacturing - In the present scenario , thermo-mechanical treatment with water cooling technology are producing best tmt bars.

    2. Grades - Always prefer for higher grades, strength is directly proportional quality of the rebars. Presently FE 600, FE 550, FE 500 are widely in use. FE 415 is diminising away slowing.

    3. Bend- Ability of Rebars - It tmt bars cracks while bending , then you should avoid the brand or change the grade of the bar. The best quality tmt bars won't develope any crack if bent to 180 degrees.

    4. Corrosion Resistance - Just think of a beautifully designed architectural building, but the tmt used are rusting inside, it will fall off very soon. It will tear down the cement blocks and cracks will start to dwell everywhere. It is very important to use rust resistance tmt bars for building.

    5. Carbon Content – Steel can contain carbon content anywhere between 0.2 % to 2.1% by weight. For tmt bars to be at its best , lower the carbon content , better the tmt bar.

    6. Tensile Strength – Higher the tensile strength , the better it handles the amount of stress . To avoid fracture or breakage , tensile strength of tmt’s should be higher.

    7. Ductility – Ductility in simple terms means “ability to change shape when force is applied without any breakage or fracture”, tmt bars are sometimes bended for use , hence it should be ductile in nature.

    8. Durability – Tmt bars should have the ability to resist strain and internal wear and tear.

    9. Malleability – Tmt bars are reshaped for many constructional purpose , hence tmt bars should be strong enough to be hammered or rolled with force.

    10. Weldability – This is the most important factor to be considered, because engineers loves to design , and if tmt bars are has good weldability then they can design and experiment with structures without worrying about the strength and quality.

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