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Dreamz Gk Infra Builders Review

Discussion in 'Bangalore/Bengaluru Real Estate' started by kapilbajaj, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. kapilbajaj New Member

    I was getting flat in much convincing price with good amenities as compared to other branded properties in Bangalore. Dreamz Infra is a people friendly Builder and work with its great innovation and will become a big brand in the field of real estate property.
    Dreamz defines as:
    D: Dare: As they raise the step against unnecessarily hike of prices by brand builders.
    R: Real : As they talk about reality in all aspect of property in all aspects,not making people bluffed.
    E: Etiqueete: their code of behavior,Proper communication
    A: Adorable : Dreamz Innovativeness
    M: Master Planner : they plan well and anticipate timely
    Z :Zeal : they have zeal to make customer happy and making the society a better place to live.
  2. Darryl.stephn New Member

    I came across an advertisement in the newspaper and after some time finally decided to call the Dreamz Infra office. From the very first day, I, along with my cousin, have both received prompt and courteous response and the followup even to the point of delivering documents to my residence.
    I'm confident that going by the company's motto, it will realize and fulfill its dreams of delivering and becoming one of the foremost builders in Bangalore and ultimately the whole of Karnataka in providing affordable accommodation with realistic prices due to its commitment and resilience of the Dreamz Group.
    I wish the Dreamz Group all success and would without any hesitation recommend new customers in going for the most affordable housing and ultimately becoming a proud owner of a 'Dream Flat'.
  3. kunal kumar New Member

    Journey With Dreamz Infra : Still today the journey with Dreamz is smooth.

    Pricing: The pricing of mine 2BHK is proper.

    Location: Sneh is located Behind Cessna Business Park and it is a prime location.

    Employee Behavior: All employees behaved co-ordially.

    Implementation of CRM team and Benefits: CRM team was always keeping us informed about latest happenings about the project.

    About Relationship Manager: He is very good in communication. Also informed me about all the events and milestones. He is having good customer management skills.
  4. manish rai New Member

    Before finalizing on "Dreamz sampoorna" we visited at least 20 apartments. Our expectations were very high , finding a house that is liked by family was never possible, all the fight in the family ended when we visited Dreamz Infra. We liked all the Ideas given by Dreamz Infra about that project like Project location, covered swimming pool with child Safety lock and the best part was the children play area. Space utilization within the flat and the common area is very good. We are very satisfied and happy that we invested in Dreamz sampoorna. I have visited Dreamz project ,which is already underconstruction , so far it has completed up to 2rd floor. I realized that compare to other builders they are using transcendent quality construction.They already completed Land registration part and we are waiting for construction process, so I hope it will be also start as soon as possible.

    Manish Rai
  5. harish rawat New Member

    Based on my experience as a customer of Dreamz Gk Infra, I am satisfied that I have made an excellent investment decision. I liked the floor plan and loan process. CRM department helped me a lot. CRM head spent around two hours with me and told me about different projects and their features and other related benefits. Their sales personnel were very honest, transparent and also very prompt. The booking process was pretty smooth in terms of fulfilling all the formalities. The value for customers comes alive through their thoughtful building projects.
    Harish Rawat
  6. sudheer_pandey New Member

    Dreamz Infra is thoroughly professional and its approach convinced me that buying real estate in Bangalore does not have to be a risky business. Every step of the buying process was planning and executed well. The staff is courteous and helpful. I look forward to doing more business with Dreamz Infra in the near future. Further, I will not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family. Overall a great experience dealing with dreamz Gk infra which is really making a great property buying experience with an unmatched customer service.
    Sudheer Pandey
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  7. akshaan gupta New Member

    Hello everyone,
    This is Akshaan Gupta. I am much satisfied with the services of Dreamz builders. Being a very young experience I am owning a flat in Bangalore. It's like dreaming for me. I got the flat in the home fair that was running in last December. I booked a flat in Dreamz Siddhi. I was in a state of buying a flat but Dreamz made me to own a flat.
    Thanks to Dreamz Builders,
    Akshaan Gupta
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  8. Noorul New Member

    I am Noorul. I am working in Intuit Technologies as an IT recruiter. Dreamz GK is an international sector and it's an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. I really feel myself proud to say I am a part of dreamz family. I came to know about Dreamz through a sms which I had received in my mobile. I was really surprised by seeing the price. Then I went to Dreamz GK and visited the location and I was really satisfied. Being as a bachelor there were lots of questions which I had in my mind whether I can go with Dreamz GK or not. Apart from that there was lot more things that I have been impressed by Dreamz GK. Finally I went for booking in Dreamz-1 and still now Dreamz GK is fulfilling their commitments what has given to me and I really feel proud once again to say that I am a part of Dreamz family.
  9. sunil0009 New Member

    Hi everyone. My name is Sunil. I work at Enzen Global Solutions as a HR Manager. I would like to share my amazing experience with Dream Infra. I was looking for a 2BHK in Bangalore. Every Saturday & Sunday I used roam everywhere and visit the builders all around Bangalore. At the same time i came to know about DREAMZ INFRA. Dreamz Infra sales executives were humble, supportive and very helpful. As promised by Dreamz Infra, i got all the documents within 48 hours of my booking. I live right behind the DREAMZ - 1 project and get to see the construction level each day. I am proud to say I am the FIRST customer of Dreamz Infra. One thing that attracted me the most is DREAM INFRA does not have any hidden costs, that is, they have one whole package price which includes Car Parking, BWSSB and KEB charges. Finally i can say, DREAMZ INFRA has fulfilled my long term DREAM of owning a house. I would strongly recommend everyone to invest in a builder like DREAMZ INFRA. Any of you please feel free to call me on my mobile no. 7259310065 and I would love to share my experience with you personally.
  10. Dear All, My name is Shakirth Lal Shamsher. I want to tell you my story of buying my house. Firstly I thought to buy a house I got in 2005 when I could afford 5 lacs and the market price was 7 lacs. In 2009 again I thought of buying and my budget that time was 9 lacs and the market-price was around 13 lacs. Till 2010 this chase behind market-prices and to increase my pay-packet continued. In 2011 I almost lost hope of buying a house in Bangalore as has been the trend. In 2011 I had spent 20% of my savings in buying luxury items for house. One day I have come over an ad of Dreamz Infra which I realized that I will be able to afford even after I had my expenditures.
    Taking about Dreamz Infra, the Sales people explained my how they manage to provide the flats at cost about their innovative Business model of being zero-debt, using customers money to buy construction-materials, how they construct many projects together and they save cost on the materials etc and this benefit is been passed onto customer for competitive pricing. Their legal and loan departments have helped me clarify all my doubts. Till now they kept their promises and I am very happy buying a flat with Dreamz Infra. I would strongly recommend prospective buyers to consider Dreamz Infra as a serious buying option.
  11. guru prasad New Member

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful offers that dreamz has given me and my family to own my dream home. Where i was not in a position to afford a flat in Bangalore Once I saw an ad about dreamz gk. I was very much impressed by the price and i went and visited dreamz gk. I had a conversation with ASM and i really liked their commitments which they had given to me with the reasonable price. The only thing i can say is “they are up to their words”. They have fulfilled my promises which is done to me. “The registration has been done in time” and it was very easy to sanction the loan in LIC which has been approved and the construction is finishing very smooth and within couple of weeks I’ll be fulfilling my dreams. The only thing i can say is i always prefer dreamz gk because these are the things which has been impressed me a lot. So i prefer all of them to go ahead with dreamz gk.
    Feel free to call me for any feedback of dreamz gk at 974097647.
    Guru prasad
  12. Savitha.S New Member

    Hi, I am Savitha. I am from Bangalore, working in wool top. Rent is hiking up everywhere in Bangalore. DREAMZ GK is giving an affordable and budgeted home for the middle class families and I am one amongst them. I have made the complete research about the company & I wish that organizations like Dreamz GK raises up all around the country to help all the budgeted families to have a home of their own. I am getting timely updates form Dream GK every week and I believe it’s the value for the hard earned money of our middle class families. Been seeing DREAM GK form the time it’s launched and I have personally seen it grow to greater heights today. Same like me, I am sure the whole public is supportive towards Dreamz GK. I would be glad to share my feedback on DREAMZ INFRA with all of you- 9972501573
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  13. Rajeswari New Member

    Hello All, My name is Rajeswari, I am a house-wife and I am retired from govt. service. Our’s is a middle class family and we did not own a house till now as we had to spend on our children’s education and needs. Now after my husbands and my retirement we wanted to explore options if we can buy a house with our savings. We have visited many projects but since our budget was low the prices were always over the head for us. Then we came upon this company Dreamz Infra, we found the prices were very low compared to market and when we approached the company and heard from Sales and other executives on how their new real-estate model can provide homes with low prices we were convinced and we took a flat in Siddhi. We got good service from the After-sales teams who I think had maturity to deal with elderly people and all. Over all I am very happy I made this decision and would recommend any future buyers with this company. Thanks.
  14. Narendra981 New Member

    Hello All, My name is Narendra I am a software professional. In 2010 I wanted to buy a flat as I thought I wanted to invest in Bangalore. That time I came upon this company Dreamz Infra, that was the first project they had taken up which they called Dreamz, this project was in silk-board. The company was new and unheard-of Then I had talked to a few Dreamz executives who assured about the company’s passion and commitment. I was convinced and I booked a 2 BHK flat in Dreamz. I was happy for the price I obtained it at that tme. I also felt that the plan, location and construction materials they were good. There had been no hidden charges, and I got timely updates. They had flexibility of payment options due to which I could plan out my outflows. I got my flat in time with all the amenities promised. I am extremely happy to have bought with Dreamz and would surely recommend prospective buyers on buying Dreamz homes.In Case of any queries you may reach me at 9611422553.
  15. kiran vijay New Member

    First of all I need to thank dreamz gk for their valuable support and outstanding services. My name is Vijay Kiran and I am from A.P. and I am working here in Accenture as a consultant. Dreamz GK always stands for innovation and they are really creative in their thoughts and they implement new things which I have really deserved from dreamz employees. For example, sales team is really coordinating with me for each and every clarification and same from CRM team and the other departments also. I always think myself proud by booking a flat in dreamz gk with such good amenities and with an affordable price which they have offered to me. I always think dreamz gk is one of the fastest growing companies in Bangalore. The days when I entered in dreamz infra there were around 50 employees and as of now there are around 350 employees. This is one of the biggest growths which none of other builders have deserved in their career.
    My heartfelt congratulations to dreamz gk for their anonymous growth.
  16. Ravi Ramesh New Member

    My name is Ravi Ramesh working with HP as a software engineer. I am from Nellore, A.P. I have booked a flat with Dreamz Infra in Suvidha Project, Sarjapur road on 29th April 2012. I saw the ad about Dream Infra in Times of India. As promised by Dream Infra my project was registered on July 4th and has a genuine approval from BBMP. I am very excited about the Dreamz Infra concept on building the flats. My home loan has been approved and going to start in exact 2 months. I am so overwhelmed with Dreamz Infra's treatment to me. Dreamz Infra has built a strong trust in me, which even made 4 of my other friends and colleagues also booked after me in the same project. I have even done the school admission for my kid at DPS School in the same locality so that it would be very comfortable and accessible.
  17. Ravindra kr. New Member

    Dear All, My name is Ravindra Kumar I am a Mechanical Engineer in a manufacturing company out near Electronic city. I hail from Jharkand. I was thinking to buy a flat in Bangalore. But as every prospective buyer in Bangalore today I also faced the same dilemma of if I need to a get a good flat with amenities I need to move away from city or I need to settle something much lesser within the city. Then I came upon this company named Dreamz Infra which was offering flats with all amenities in prime locations. I thought surely something should be tricky. Then I talked to Dreamz executives where-by they explained the business model which was quite unique by which they don’t do debt-financing, construct many projects together so that they get rebates in the materials etc due to which they will be able to do business with low prices, low margin and high revenue same as FMCG companies and still be viable. I was convinced and took a flat in Dreamz-2. The After sales services matched with the promises made and I am happy with their construction-material, bathroom-fittings etc. I can say I am a happy customer with Dreamz Infra and would surely recommend a buy. You can call me at 9611131313 for any queries.
  18. sangeetha New Member

    Hello Bangalurians, I am one of the very satisfied customers with Dreamz GK. Myself Sangeetha Balaji from I-Gate Solutions. Please take my no. and contact me if you are still having a doubt about Dreamz GK : 9945602946. I have taken a flat with Dreamz 1st project in Silk Board. I feel blessed to have got a flat with Dreamz GK at such a wonderful price with the world class amenities that Dreamz GK has provided me with. Dreamz GK made it a very easy process to have my Home Loan being sanctioned by LIC. Dreamz GK give us the timely updates of on-goings about the project. I have already referred 4-5 of my relatives and friends as customers and they are as well very satisfied with Dreamz GK. Now i am eagerly waiting to move into my DREAM HOME with Dreamz GK. I wish Dreamz GK would help in favour of more and more willing customers to own their flats.
  19. tonomay shah New Member

    Thanks to Dreamz Infra. My name is Tonomay Shah working in Gluster India Pvt. Ltd. as a senior software engg. I am very much happy that Dreamz Infra has completed my family dream. And I really like their coordination and a good rapport which they have built towards me and which I have towards them. The moment I saw the ad in the newspaper I was really interested. Then I had a touch with Dreamz Infra and I researched in their projects. It was perfect and clear. Then I made myself put into Dreamz Infra and I have booked a flat which still now being valid a lot. They are always good in giving solution to my problems. It is my good time to get a flat in Dreamz Infra in a reasonable price and fantastic amenities.
    Hats off to Dreamz Infra. I hope you will be the future rock stars in India.
  20. Sureshtravel New Member

    Hi, i'm Suresh running my own travel agency in Bangalore. Past 20 years I have visited 500 to 600 flats and around 20 to 30 real estate companies but i didn't find this kind of opportunity provided by Dreamz GK Infra. 3 Months back i Visited Dreamz GK Infra after seeing their ad in newspaper and met the sales persons. They explained me everything about the company as well about the projects. Thank god, I found the flat at a good location at affordable price so i instantly booked 2 flats it saved me arround 12 to 15 lakhs. Even i recommended my friends and relatives to book a flat with Dreamz GK Infra.I would also thank the company, management as they always solved my query instantly. I am ready to share some more opinion about the Dreamz GK Infra if you need, catch me at 9845407770.
  21. masthan rao New Member

    Hi, This is Masthan Rao. I am basically from Andhra Pradesh. I am working CSC LTD in Bangalore. I came to know about Dreamz GK Infra through a friend. As I had to buy a flat I visited Dreammz Gk Infra. The services of Dreamz are tremendous. After talking with the ASM and had site visit I went through search on Google also. I was satisfied so, within 2 days I booked a 3BHK. Initially we had doubts as it is a new company but after a discussion with dreamz employees all my doubts have been cleared. Thanks.
  22. Srinivasan007 New Member

    Hi reviewers this is Srinivasan works in Saffron Eng.Ltd, even i would like to join with you all to suggest something about Dreamz GK Infra.(For More Verification feel free to get in touch at 9742692131)Some time back when i was thinking should i be a victim of soaring rents, or should i be the mercy of greedy house owner? Then, Dreamz GK Infra's ad at Times of India brought a small smile on my face & had a discussion with board end my smile further. And i booked a flat project named DREAMZ. Now Through my Reference my friends and cousins are proud owners of flats in Dreamz GK Infra Peojects.
  23. rashmi ranjan New Member

    In Nov, I have booked a flat in Dreamz. It’s been a good experience till now. I got info about Dreamz from my friends & SMSes. Dreamz Builders are good. The commitments given to me are fulfilled. And, so many of my friends too have booked flats with them. Dreamz people have been good & very helpful to me. I wish the same in future. I would like to recommend Dreamz to everyone who wants to own a flat. Even you can contact me on: 09742378578 Thanks, Rashmi Ranjan
  24. gokul.raman123 New Member

    "Reliable Dreamz Infra"
    I am Gokul, working as a Technical Maganer in a company called saforn engineering services. My relationship started with Dreamz GK Infra few months back as couple of my colleagues had booked flats with Dreamz GK Infra, and i was really impressed with my first meeting. The hospitality provided by them and the discussion was really great. There are added few more advantages of Dreamz GK Infra comparing with other builders. The 1st thing is loan processing team helped us to get the loan from bank. The 2nd is legal team; they verified all the documents very well. I am also verified it for the legal opinion and it was pretty clear. So i am quite happy with Dreamz GK Infra.
  25. Lokesh_893 New Member

    My name is Lokesh and I am from Bhopal. I am working in Cyber Ltd. I have booked a flat in Project “Dreamz”. Initially, I had too much worries like which builder I should go I came to know about Dreamz Infra through internet at that time project “Dreamz” was in its initial stage, wether is it the right age to own a flat as i am just 26 years old. Actually, I always felt one should own a flat at the age of 40 or 45.I personally visited “Dreamz” Project. I liked the Project Location and one good thing it’s under my budget. At last I booked a flat in “Dreamz”. I am happy that with the help of Dreamz Infra I own a flat. I would also thank the company, management as they always solved my query instantly. I am ready to share some more opinion about the Dreamz Infra. In Case of any queries you may reach me at 9916961369.
  26. Durai Raj New Member

    My name is Durai Raj. I am a resident of Panapakkam. I am in Bangalore from last 2 years. My main target was to have a flat which has the quality, reachable location and at the same time should be affordable. Then, I came to know about Dreamz Infra which I never heard about. When I approached them directly and discussed everything, I was convinced and decided to go for it as it satisfied all my requirements. I verified all the documents. The land registration and approval of project plan is also done and the progress is fast.Now the construction also started and loan has been processed from major bank, that is a big plus point. You can call me at 9902072442.
  27. Attasi Tripati New Member

    My name is Attasi Tripati. I work as a Juniour Engineer with HAL. I am glad to inform that approaching Dreamz GK from the first day has been a very good experience. Excecutives and Customer Realtionship Management are very helpfull irrespective of any sutuation and any queries towars the project that i have booked. Let their enthusiasm & motto go higher and higher. I feel only the unlucky ones can talk negetive about Dreamz GK. I feel great to share more positive thoughts about Dreamz GK. My number is 9632593295
  28. Radhamani Kshtriya New Member

    First of all I like to thank Dreamz GK who has given me an excellent opportunity to buy a flat in their company and I am one of the very much satisfied customers. They do have an excellent team management with the good skills and presentation about the documents and amenities. It has been impressed me a lot. Right now I fell proud to say that I am one of the members of Dreamz family. I am always thankful to Dreamz Infra. Thank you very much for the cooperation and hospitality extended to my family. If you have any doubts and clarification, please do call me: 9916125909
  29. Amaresh Patnayak New Member

    My journey with Dreamz Gk is fantastic and superb and I am one of the satisfied customer of Dreamz GK. And Dreamz GK has given some value to my words and made my life bright. I do have a good rapport with the sales team and CRM team which really supports me a lot and still now they give me an updating of each and everything about project status. I am really satisfied with reasonable price and amenities which have been provided by them (Dreamz GK).
    Thanks to Dreamz GK for their support and coordination.
    Amaresh Patnayak(9900046018)
  30. Joseph Benandes New Member

    Dreamz Infra Made me "MORE COMPORTABLE"
    I am an accountant working with Rings & Roses. My name is Joseph Benandes. As many of you, I had my own inhibitions about approaching any new builder. But when i entered Dreamz GK i was made to feel really comfortable, may it be Dreamz GK's Front office, their executives who were very kind, knowledgeable & very helpful. They made me understand everything about their concept and projects. They even took me for a site visit and i realized my project is in a prime locality and convenient to major bus stops, schools, hospitals and all other basic requirements. And all this at a very realistic and affordable price. I wish i had visited Dreamz GK much before. But late than never i am satisfied overall with DREAMZ GK and wish you all reading this as well would visit them at the earliest. My number is 9343798639.
  31. vainganka1234 New Member

    This is Milind Mroeshwar Vaingankar working as a chief consultant with Census Pharmaceuticals. I am very glad that "Dreamz Infra has completed my family dream. From past 5 years we were in search of flats in an affordable price. We are now very happy by purchasing a flat with Dreamz GK at such a low price. Dreamz GK provides 40% lesser than the market price at all prime localities in Bangalore, without compromising on the quality of construction. I am very thankful to Dreamz GK team AND THEIR LEADERS ON BEHALF OF MY FAMILY No: 9663326701
  32. Chirantha Kashyap New Member

    I feel myself proud to being a part of Dreamz family and I always fell comfortable by booking a flat in Dreamz Infra which has given me a turning in my life. I am very satisfied with the price, location management and employees’ behavior. I was impressed with their services and hospitality. I have also done the document verification to one of my known lawyer and the documents were cleared till up to date. The only thing I can say is that Dreamz GK always stands for innovation.
    Chirantha Kashyap(9845849408)
  33. Dipakjyoti Dhir New Member

    Everyone likes to dream but few of them take decision to fulfill their dreams. And I have taken a decision to fulfill my dreams. That is the only reason I have taken decision to go ahead with Dreamz GK Stands for Innovation can only fulfill my dreams and this moment of time I fell myself proud and graceful as I am among them. I am very thankful to Dreamz Infra family for their fantastic services and approaches which has shown to me. Once again I am thankful to Dreamz Gk who made me to own a flat in Garden city of India.
    Dipakjyoti Dhir (9019283533)
  34. Vaishali Kumar New Member

    I am Vaishali A Kumar. I am here to share my wonderful experience with Dreamz GK. I first saw an ad in the newspaper and was not actually convinced with such a less price. I decided visit Dreamz Gk\'s office. I even saw the location and the floor plan on the same day. I was pleased to see the quality of materials used in their construction. Went back home & discussed with my family and compared to see that no other builder in bangalore is giving flats at Dreamz GK's price. My whole family supported my decision along with my 2 children. In the end i feel that i have secured my own place in bangalore without much delay. My no. is 9742383087. Would be happy to share these experiences personally with you all.
  35. Ankit Bisht New Member

    Good afternoon. This is Ankit Bisht. I am a professional with Accenture. We were a little scared whether to book a flat or not in Bangalore because of the price and quality of construction and all. But from the time we have contacted Dreamz Infra, they have lived upto their words. We bought it in the pre-launch offer and they even started the construction as promised which is expected to complete by the end of this year the possession of the flat by next year. It was our dream to own a flat in bangalore and i can proudly say that it would not have been possible without Dreamz Infra. We are so happy with the project development. Whoever reading this can feel free to contact me on 9448103719
  36. Padma Priya New Member

    My kind wishes to everyone. I am Padma K, working professional with WIPRO. I am very much thankful to Dreamz GK Infra for giving me a flat at such a realistic and low price. I am very much satisfied with all the solutions from all departments of Dreamz GK Infra at all time. Be it the Sales team, after sales team, legal department. Everyone is very professional in their approach and helpful. I have received all the concerned documents at the promised specific time. I wish Dreamz GK goes higher & higher in this market and help all the bengalurians with a FLAT of their own. This is my no: 9901066646
  37. poonam13 New Member

    My name is Poonam Lohia. I work with Accenture. Dreamz has provided the outsider and middle class people by making their dreamz of owning a flat of their own in a metro city. I would like to extend my thanks to all the staff and their support towards helping me and my family with a FLAT in this beautiful city of Bangalore.
  38. Ravi Baka123 New Member

    I am Ravi Baka and i work in Accenture. I would like to say that there are 3 things which made me to STICK with DREAMZ GK INFRA,. The 1st thing is definitely the price of their PRE-LAUNCH offers given for all individual projects. Secondly all DREAMZ GK INFRA's projects are in the PRIME LOCATION of bangalore. With all these DREAMZ GK INFRA provides all WORLD CLASS AMENITIES. So i would say i had a very great experience with DREAMZ GK INFRA.
  39. Girish Sharma New Member


    Myself Girish Sharma. I am basically from Maharasthra, Pune and been working with TCS, bangalore. My journey with DREAMZ GK INFRA has been very strong. We met the Sales team and they took us for the site visit and showed me few sites which made me decide to go for one of their flats. Customer Relationship team always updates me with all the project progress. I am hoping that others as well will get their bit of happiness through DREMZ GK INFRA.
  40. Anita Mujumdar New Member

    Incredible Hospitality by Dreamz Infra.

    Hello, let me start with my introduction. I am Anita Sen Mujumdar. My number is 8884360471. I work in a company called NOVO NORDISK. I would like to say that DREAMZ GK INFRA has provided us a very good hospitality. We received all the documents on time. Even the after sales team or Customer Relationship team is very helpful. They are always available to answer any of our queries. We loved the service DREAZM GK INFRA provides to its customers. I really wish DREAMZ GK IFRA does build more flats and sell in the same affordable price to everyone.

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