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Dreamz Infra Reviews

Discussion in 'Bangalore/Bengaluru Real Estate' started by Rajshree mitali, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Rajshree mitali New Member

    I think I should place on record, my appreciation of the excellent experience I had with the Dreamz Infra team during the whole transaction. I had a constant stream of quires to which the Dreamz Infra team was quick to address and there was never a moment where I sensed reluctance or impatience at my study set of requests for more information. That is definitely a refreshing difference from what I am used to seeing from other developers. Dealing with Dreamz Infra has been very easy and time saving.


    Rajshree Mitali
  2. Shio Kr. Jha New Member

    Hello All, My name is Shio Kumar Jha, I am a Asst. Professor in one of the Engineering -colleges in Bangalore. I am from Bihar and had been working here for past 3 years. For the last one year I had been thinking to buy a flat in Bangalore as already the prices are sky-high and would only increase in future. Then I came upon this Adv. of this company Dreamz Infra, I noticed that prices were very reasonable for the locations. I visited their office and their personnel have explained me the innovative concept of construction with the objective to provide homes to common man. After hearing to them I was convinced and had booked a flat with them. I made my booking on July of 2012, post which I interacted with them for multiple reasons and I got good service from them. The construction material they are using is also good and comparable to the top-builders in Bangalore. All in all I am happy to have made a decision to buy a flat with Dreamz Infra and surely would recommend a buy for any prospective builders. You may contact me at 8876960608 for any queries.
  3. Aftab Doddamani New Member

    Dear All, My name is Aftab Doddamani. I am a Project Manager with Lonovo in Bangalore in outer-ring road area. I have recently booked a 2BHK flat with this company called Dreamz Infra in their project called Suvidha in Sarjapura area. I really liked the location in which project was located and from which is quite accessible to work-places, super-markets, malls etc. The project has all the amenities that top builders provide at a very good price. Post sales service is also quite satisfactory, they have a young work force and are eager to help. I receive frequent updates about the project-progress, Sale-agreement etc which lessens my burden to go around them for updates which is quite relieving. I can say I am satisfied customer with Dreamz Infra and would surely recommend for all prospective buyers. You may reach me on 9980830023 in case you have queries. Thanks.
  4. Sandeep Kurumbhatte New Member

    Dear All, My name is Sandeep Kurumbhatte, I am from Pune, Maharastra. I work with TCS. For long time I wanted to own a flat in Bangalore but somehow it did not materialize. Sometimes honestly I felt if my dream for a home would remain a dream. Then I came upon this company advertisement of Dreamz Infra which was offering flats at great price at convenient location. I came down to office and met the Dreamz staff Mr. Nisar, Mr. Naresh etc they gave me hope that I can pursue on the opportunity and assured my how the company was passionate to build homes for common man and how their innovative model would help them achieve this. I really felt the company was very different from other builders, these guys were very hard-working, professional and friendly in provide the best service. I am pretty happy about the service I got. I really want to thank the management of the Dreamz Infra to come up with this kind of a model which can provide affordable homes to all. To just mention about the investment potential I had invested 16 lacs on this flat and today’s price is about 43 lacs. In a nut-shell I am pretty impressed and satisfied with Dreamz Infra and would recommend it any prospective buyers. Please reach me @ 9845167549 in case you have any queries. Thanks.
  5. Nanda Kr. New Member

    Dear All. I am Nanda Kumar and I am from Andhra Pradesh. I work with Accenture and I have been in Bangalore for last 7 years. Since I was paying my rest of 12 thousand I thought why not buy a flat and pay an emi instead as many in Bangalore think these days. However the major problem was my budget which is very low as compared to prices in Bangalore so I had to wait for time. I saw the advertisement of this company called Dreamz Infra in news-paper and was interested in the offerings. I approached their office and talked to the executives there and got convinced and booked a 3 BHK flat with them. Standing now I feel happy that I made that decision that day as they did not let down their promises, their customer service has been very good as they give pro-active support of updates and events before I following up with them which is a feel-good factor. They are able to clear all my queries and the amenities they are providing are very good. They have a relationship manager to all the customers and all the queries are handled by that person. Their approach to the service is quite professional as I have observed. Finally I would like to thank Dreamz management to have come up with this innovative method of home building catering to the primarily the middle class of Bangalore. I would be happy to take some queries for prospective buyers of Dreamz, you can reach me @ 9448071775 for the same. Thanks.
  6. Aruna_98 New Member

    Hello All, My name is Aruna, I am a software professional based out in Electronic city in Bangalore. I have an own independent house here but however never been convinced of the safety and other aspects of an independent house. I wanted to buy a flat which is ready to move in mostly. My budget was less and initially I was trying through broker for some flats. Then I came upon this posting of Dreamz Infra in one of the websites. I visited the place. I was impressed by the young company and the passion and I thought that I need to give a chance to new player. The price of flat also I felt was quite affordable and I could pay from the savings. I trusted on them and I must say I have not been let down. There has been good progress in the project and I am receiving satisfactory service from the after-sales teams. I am hoping to get my flat as per schedule and would surely recommend a buy for any future buyers of Dreamz. Thanks.
  7. fahad_256 New Member

    I love to be a part of Dreamz family. I always feel comfortable by booking a flat by Dreamz infra. It has given me a life path. And I am one of the satisfied customers of Dreamz GK. DreamzGK is outstanding in their services where I deserved lot more things from them. Coming to Construction wise and material wise really fabulous. And they have tie-up with lots many banks which is really easy to get approvals for home loans. And they always invite me each and every ingratiation and Bhoomi pooja ‘s and still now I do have a good rapport with CRM and Sales dept and they are always helpful for me for each and every clarifications and doubts. I know wonder Dreamz is always outstanding in their services.
    Thanks and Regards
    Mob: 9986982200
  8. Anokia Das New Member

    Hello All, My name is Anokia Das. I am from Kolkata basically but have been in Bangalore for past 4 years. I have been contacted by the Customer care dept. of Dreamz Infra in regard to a flat in Sarjapura Road called Suvidha. I had visited their company and obtained the details of plans, prices and had a site-visit also. After all that it felt attractive to me to go ahead and I went ahead based on that. Post that I got my MOU done and had been interacting with their CRM team. I am satisfied with their service. I hope that I will get the occupancy in the flat as promised. Based on the price, location and promises they make I will recommend for other prospective buyers. Thanks.
  9. pratibha Singh New Member

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful offer which has given to me much convincing price with good amenities compared to the other branded properties developers in Bangalore. Where I was not in a position to buy a flat in Bangalore. Once I saw an add about DreamzGk and I was very much impressed by the price and location and I went and visited Dreamz Gk and I had conversation with the ASM and I really liked there. Commitments which they have given to me with our reasonable price. The only thing I can say they are up to there commitments and they do good services to their customers, which I had a fantastic experience in DreamzGK.
    Pratibha Singh
  10. Buddhabrata@discuss New Member

    Impossible is Nothing with Dreamz Infra

    My name is Buddhabrata Chkravortrhy. I work as an IT consultant. Dreamz Infra surely has made owning a home an AFFORDABLE process. Dreamz Infra made it all possible. I personally want to thank Dreamz Infra & all its employees for helping me with this great feeling. I definitely would like to share that my experience with Dreamz Infra was so so wonderful that i even got my cousin to book a flat in another project with Dreamz GK Infra.
  11. Uma Sarkar New Member

    Hi, my name is Uma Sarkar. I am a Technology professional based out of Bangalore near Sarjapura area. I always wanted to invest in Bangalore in flats because the 1. I can save on rent 2. I will get very good appreciation. But these as we know flat-prices in Bangalore are sky-high which mostly unreasonable prices. I came upon this company called Dreamz Infra in FM when I was riding to office. The promises they were making were unbelievable to anyone, so I honesty was wonder how in the world they can honor promises for given price while other builders are not able to do it. But I wanted to see so I had visited their office and enquired about their up-coming project that time Suvidha. I talked to executives and went through all the plans, business model etc. I felt it was workable with profit-model of Dreamz so based on that I booked a flat in Dreamz Suvidha. After that the service of the teams was appreciable. They answered all the queries convincingly and I happy customer now one can say. I hope to regular updates on the project and get the project completed in time. I want to wish Dreamz Company to do well and provide many others affordable homes. I will recommend the Dreamz Infra for future buyers. Thanks.
  12. kumar swamy New Member

    My name is kumar swamy and I am from Assam. Right now I am in Bangalore working in LIC as a senior Officer. And I had a very good experience with DreamzGK. Let me windup with few sentences where I had a good experience. For example: Sales Team, CRM Team, are really superb intimating each and everything about Project status. I am really lucky to get a flat in Dreamz Infra with such good amenities provided by them with the reasonable price. Coming to Document wise its all clear till up to date. Construction and material wise they are really outstanding in their services. Coming to Customer care and the other departments they are really cooperative and they are very helpful and clarify all my issues.

    Thanks you
    Kumar Swamy
  13. Gururaj New Member

    Hi, my name is Gururaj Dixit. I am put up in JP Nagar in Bangalore. I am a Software Professional and I work with Mahendra Satyam. Honestly I did not have any ideas of flat as I was very young and prices in Bangalore are literally unaffordable. However that notion had been proven wrong. I came upon this company called Dreamz Infra which sells flats 50% lesser than the market with all the amenities and construction quality as of premium builders in Bangalore. I could not really understand how it was possible so I along with my colleague went to this company and tried to understand the concept. After thorough analysis of more than 4 hours we were convinced of their innovative concept and how it is sustainable. I had booked a flat in Samhita in JP Nagar. Post that I had good service on MOU and other updates and the door service I felt really relieving. I got my queries answered in quick time, I am happy about the service. I and my family members are eagerly waiting for the completion of project and for our move in. I am happy about Dreamz Infra and would recommend surely for all young employees like me and other. Thanks.
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  14. Pradyumna Mishra New Member

    Many many thanks to Anoop. He built the first confidence about this company. His timely support and warm responses made us one of the most satisfied customers of dreamzgk currently flat is under construction. The cooperative technical team, Engineers taking care of all is requirements still now. I am really thankful and great full to own a flat in a Dreamzgk. Who has given me a wonderful opportunity.
    Thank you
    Pradyumna Mishra
  15. venkat shiva prasad New Member

    Hi, myself venkat shiva Prasad, Working in Eduqity Technology as a Senior Software Engineer. I feel proud to say in this moment that I am a part of Dreamz family. Dreamz in outstanding in their services where I have a good relationship in their administration. The total dreamz atmosphere is good and professional in greeting customers and the managerial department to the customer is awesome and I do hope will continue a good relationship throughout my life.
    Thanks & Regards
    Venkat shiva Prasad
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  16. Praveen001 New Member

    I am Praveen kumar and I am originally from Bangalore. I am working in HDFC bank as a senior a/c manager. I like DreamzGK concept which has newly come out with prelaunch offer, which is really helpful for all the middle class people to own a flat in a Bangalore. Once I saw this add I was really impressed by their concept. I have gone through the website and made research about dreamzgk, where it was fully perfect and clear and now I booked a flat in Siddhi near to Electronic city, and I am satisfied by the construction and quality wise which has been used there, now the construction is on process, and I hope it will be complete within possession time which has given to me.
    Praveen kumar
  17. Rakesh_78 New Member

    My name is Rakesh, I am basically from Rajasthan. I had been working in Bangalore for the past 5 years in a BPO firm. I thought of owing a flat around 2 years ago however it did not materialize much as I could not find some flat to suit my pocket and other things. Last year around May I got a call from an executive from this new company called Dreamz Infra. I was impressed by the offering and I visited this company. I got a very clear explanation of the project, company and their concept. I was convinced and booked a flat . I have received good response from them on all my queries. They have provided the timelines for project on key milestones and the rationale behind it. Till now they have grossly met those commitments with minor misses which one could expect from any builder these days. All in all I am happy with Dreamz Infra and am excited to occupy my flat soon. I will recommend anyone who is planning to venture in this company. Thanks.
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  18. Raghunandan001 New Member

    When I first heard about dreamz I did many research through seniors and other team members and am finally I came to an conclusion then I visited dreamzgk and I booked a flat with reasonable price with fantastic amenities, where I had a verification about my legal documents which has been approved by the (BBMP,BMRDA, BWSB. KEB) and the other govt. departments. Where I was very much satisfied by seeing these clearance from the govt side and my flat price has been raised from 40% to 80% which is really great and I deserve a lot.
    Thank you DreamzGK
  19. Mary_suzana83 New Member

    Myself suzana I am working in wipro as a senior admin. dreamzgk is very friendly and kind in explanation about their prelaunch offer which they have been launched , they also suggested to go for a site visit where I was really impressed by the location and the reasonable price which have told me. I immediately I made my mind to go for booking and now I am satisfied with my flat which dreamz have given me with a best price and good amenities. Thanks you Dreamz infra who made my dream fulfilled
    Thanks you
    Mary Suzana
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  20. Prabhat Kumar New Member

    Myself prabhat kumar and I am working in LNT as a construction head. Dreamzgk is very helpful to the all middle class people. Who can make their dreams in realty show. Where I booked a flat in DremzGK which has given me reasonable price with good amenities and I am very much satisfied with the dreamz atmosphere. Which has created a good relationship b/w them and me, they are always good in serving people and creative.
    Thanks & Regards
    Prabhat kumar
  21. devendra_90 New Member

    My name is Devendra Mishra. I am an Analyst at Accenture. I wanted to buy a flat in Bangalore near my office. I started search process sometime back and used to go projects directly to enquire about 2 BHK apartments. I stay on the Bannerghatta road and since this road is a high profile road these days all flats are above 50 lacs. My budget was 30 lacs and there no flats available at that rate. One day I came upon this company in news-paper Dreamz Infra, the prices they were offering were unbelievable. I visited their office in Silk-board on a Sunday and enquired about this. I was attracted by their projects and felt its will be a good buy. I have booked a flat in one of their projects in JP Nagar. After the booking I approached those people a couple of times. Their CRM department was cordial and very friendly. I am happy to have booked a flat with them. I will recommend them for any future buyers like me. Thank you.
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  22. Asharaam New Member

    My journey towards dreamzgk is really marvelous and my name is Asharam. I am working in Airforce and I am one of the satisfied customers of dreamzgk. Deamz is really cooperative and supportive to all my queries. Legal and other depts. are really good in giving solution to my issues and coming to construction and material wise all expensive and branded materials are been used for the construction purposes. Thank you dreamz for satisfying me.
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  23. Ravindranath New Member

    "Dreamz Infra - The Best In the Rest"

    Today, i feel glad to write about my wonderful experience with DREAMZ GK INFRA. My name is Ravindranath S Narendra, I work @ KPTCL. We decided to buy a flat in bangalore and we visited many real estate and construction companies around here. I can positively say that there is no company that i experienced, as professional and the best as DREAMZGK INFRA.I felt totally comfortable from the 1st day i went to DREAMZ GK INFRA's office. I am very happy with all the developments related to the project i have booked and wish DREAMZ GK INFRA a very good luck and make it even more bigger name in the coming days & years. (Ravindranath - 9448365066)
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  24. satyanrayana_98 New Member

    Hello, I am Satyanarayana and I am from Andhra Pradesh. I am a construction manager with L&T in Bangalore. As I have mentioned I am also in the construction business. I have been in Bangalore from past 10 years. As it is my interest I keep myself involved with lands, construction, legal-aspects etc. I have come across this company called Dreamz GK Infra who is a new builder with lot of promises in the all the media. I was interested and wanted to see what these guys were going. I visited their office and talked to their Sales man and also with their Directors on how they came till then and what their model for construction was. I was impressed with them and felt it was genuine and there is true potential in buying. I was carrying my cheque book and I immediately booked a flat after visiting the site and negotiating on price. Their customer-relations managers have helped me a lot in getting my queries cleared and I am happy with the company till now. I am hoping they will complete the construction soon and hand-over. You may reach me on 9886398191 for any queries in this regard. Thanks
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  25. Biju567 New Member

    I would like to thank you for wonderfull offer which dremzgk has given to me and its my pleasure to receive a flat in dreamzgk with a reasonable price where I was really impressed by the ads and the way of handling customer that is really appriciable. And I believe no builder can give such a resonable price with world class amenities with all cleared documents. I like the HomeFair which they conducted every month. They are really helpful for all middle class people who has a dream to buy a flat in metropolian city like Bangalore.
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  26. Shekar619 New Member

    Hi to all Dreamz GK customers and readers of this site. i first of all thank all the concerned ones of this site. I am here to share my excellent feedback on DREAMZ GK INFRA. Myself Shekhar. I work as a Application Specialist with Ericsson India global services. Through my own experience, I feel that DREAMZ GK INFRA is a very genuine real estate & construction companies in today’s' life. The way its growing, it is showing all the positive signs to be one of the leaders in this market. It is incredible that DREAMZ GK INFRA helps the common man to own a home/flat of this own at such a realistic price. I wish DREAMZ GK INFRA all the success and lots of positive luck. Feel free to have a personal chat to know my experience with DREAMZ GK INFRA - 99860 81870.
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  27. John Abraham New Member

    A good day to one and all. This is John here. As one of their valued customers, I regret to see the bad reviews about DREMZ GK INFRA. Today, i am here to share my honest opinion about DREAMZ GK INFRA. I went to one of Dreamz GK Infra's home fair where i met more than 100 satisfied customers like me. i even interacted with some of them to know that they were extremely happy about the Dreamz GK Infra's service. I dont even understand how can anyone have a bad experince or get negetive thoughts about such a realistic player like Dreamz GK Infra. They are very professional in their approach from the start till the end. As a land/flat buyer, we always would love to receive timely updates of the project, which Dreamz GK infra always helped us with .We did not face any such problems with them and always wish the best for everyone.
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  28. MadhuCP New Member

    I have no hesitation in saying that dreamz infra have been helpful and straight forward in all your details. I am recommending to all my friends to share the same experience, which I have had with them. Their cooperation has helped me to keep our work run smoothly and has led me to a good relationship between us. It’s our great pleasure to get a flat in your company. I appreciate the whole dreamz family members and each of their efforts in making this happen. It’s a great experience!!!
    Heartfelt thanks to everyone in the team.

    Madhu CP
  29. janakamma New Member

    My name is Janakamma, I live near Sarjapura. I am a teacher. Recently I bought a flat with Dreamz Infra on outer ring road. I heard about Dreamz company from news-papers. I went to their website and provided my phone number. I got a call from their office. I visited their office and the person explained on a project near outer-ring road, he explained all the details patiently. I asked many questions and he answered convincingly. After consulting with one of my friend I decided to buy a flat in second floor and corner flat. I was happy with the amenities they offered. I booked the flat and paid 2 lakhs as advance. They mentioned the project will be completed within 18 months and they are using latest German Technology for construction. The customer support persons were very helpful in getting my legal documents and they delivered the documents at home which I liked. We are eagerly waiting to get the project completed. Thanks.
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  30. cmsingh New Member

    Hello everyone, my name is C.M. Singh and I am from Haryana. We have a family business in Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore. We wanted to buy an apartment in Bangalore because in future it will be unaffordable. We wanted to buy 2 flats with lesser value instead of 1 with bigger value. We have visited many apartments offering with low cost but we were not happy with their locality, construction quality etc. Then we heard about this company called Dreamz which is making many big promises. We went their office to make an assessment of the company and reliability. From talking to couple of senior Directors I was convinced it was safe to invest. So I bargained for 2 flats and with 50% down-payment so that I get the best deal. I was happy for the offer they made and about the deal. After that I get frequent updates and I also ask them from my Technical knowledge and the answers are convincing. Till now I can say the experience had been quite positive and hope to be the same in future too. Thanks
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  31. kanwarjit Singh New Member

    Hello Friends, My name is Kanwarjit Singh. I am from Punjab. We have established a business here in Screen painting and name plates. We have been in Bangalore for last 2 generations. We stay near Cantonment. Recently I have been seeing the Ad of this company named Dreamz Infra selling low-cost apartments with all the features that are available in top-end apartments. Even I was interested if that is possible then I can take one flat. I visited their office in Silk-board along with my brother. They were very young people, we discussed on many aspects of approvals, land, plans, amenities Kaveri water etc. They gave explanations and we felt they were convincing. We narrowed down to a flat in one of their projects and enquired the details and price. They had option to get more discount if we paid more down-payment. We decided to go for 50% payment and we got a good deal. I received some additional gifts from them as souvenir. It was a satisfying experience honestly. After that their persons called me and visited my house for delivering the legal-documents and for clarifying any queries. I also got a couple of calls from their Customer relation team to mention some update about the project. As of now I am very happy customer with Dreamz, I hope that they will be able to complete the project in time. Thank you.
  32. ranadhir12 New Member

    Hi, my name is Ranadhir, I am from Jaipur. I am working in an IT firm in Hebbal. I stay near BEL circle. I was working for last 2 years and my parents asked me to buy some property in Bangalore as appreciation will be high and it will be like a base. I went through classifieds, weekend newspapers and found many projects near my place. I had visited those projects on weekends which used to be a good time-pass along with my fiancé. The projects were good but highly priced and for me they became quite unaffordable. We fell upon this company Dreamz in Silk-board we visited them. They were offering very low prices as compared to market. We got good treatment at the office and it was a Sunday and there were many customers like us. One of their executives had escorted to one cabin. He was a pleasing person, he patiently explained about firm, concept and how it can be possible and the vision of the company etc. That was impressive. He suggested a flat in their project in Hebbal. He explained me features, plan, price, options available etc. We had posed many questions based on our experience. We got convincing answers. Then I called and talked to my father for half an hour, then he told to ask some-more questions on legal, permissions, timeline etc. I got convincing answers for them as well. Finally after a couple of other discussions we have booked a 2 BHK flat. We were extremely happy about that. From since I have been getting good response from them in terms of updates and the documents service and clarifications also. I am a happy customer with Dreamz. Thank you.
  33. Sasidharan New Member

    Hello I am Sasidharan and I am from Coimbatore. I'm a businessman man in Bangalore and it is a family Business. I stay in Jayanagar. After 2009 real-estate has again picked up. People started buying flats again in full-swing. I also wanted to buy a flat in Bangalore for investment purpose. I am generally against Bank loan and getting into debt for long time. That is why I wanted to buy something in 25 lacs range. But it is very difficult to get something in that range in prime areas in Bangalore. I found a pamphlet of this company Dreamz GK Infra in news-paper. They were promising a lot of things low-prices, amenities, good-location etc. which was quite unbelievable. But I wanted to see before I stop to think about it. I had visited their office and spoke to the Sales-man. He gave all the details and clarified the doubts. I was suggested a project in Jayanagar and completion date of 18 months. I thought I may take now and sell once I get good price when it is ready for occupation and normal course I can get some 50-60% appreciation at least. I made the decision and bought a 2 BHK apartment with 50% advance option as I could get maximum discount. Now today when I see after 1 year I am seeing a 40% appreciation already which is very pleasing. Also the progress has been good and satisfactory and even some delay in the project of few months which is generally possible in construction industry I am reasonably fine with. Thanks.
  34. sreedhraran12 New Member

    My name is Sreedharan, I am from TN. I am Vice President in a leading Indian IT company. I have my own villa in Jeevan Bheema Nagar. I am an investor and I have invested in multiple real-estate and commercial holdings. I was hearing this name of a real-estate company Dreamz in Bangalore who is promising quite big things for a low price of apartments. I was naturally excited and wanted to have a look at it. I visited their office in Silk-board. I was served with refreshments which was a feel-good. Then I was escorted to a Sales manager. I told my requirement and told them if I am convinced I will buy more than 1 flat. They called one more senior director seeing the potential for them also. I heard from them all about the company, plan, progress etc. and posed them a lot of questions for which most of the answers were convincing. I called my advisor and enquired if this would be make sense, after some research he said it was fairly good and can go ahead. Then I narrowed down into projects, I did not have locational-preference as they were all for investment. My advisor had suggested me a couple of locations and possibly if we could get a flat there. They had a couple of flats in Electronic city, Hebbal which I narrowed down and negotiated the price. I told I could pay up to 60% on them so give me the best price. After a lot of negotiation, I had booked 2 flats one each at Hebbal and EC. I get good service from their folks on the legal-documents and clarifications. They call me sometimes to give updates. The service is good overall. Yes, till now I am happy with my decision and hoping it would stay like that. Regards...
  35. Sanjay Bansal New Member

    Hello, this is Sanjay Bansal. I come from Delhi basically but had been living in Bangalore for the last 1 year. I work with an Ad agency near MG Road. As I am alone I spend a lot of money on weekends with friends. So my parents had suggested why I don’t take a flat so that some part of the income will be invested at least; I did not mind either. I wanted flat of not too high cost as the Emi will be heavy so I wanted something around 20 lacs. I searched the properties in websites I came across this company called Dreamz Infra which was giving flats in my budget range and also they had many options. The offer was good and one day after office I visited their office near HSR along with my friend. We were explained about their flats and projects, then after discussions we decided to book a flat in Jayanagar. I sent the legal documents to my father and got them verified and he also mentioned it is a good investment. From since I have been receiving satisfactory service. I am a happy customer with Dreamz I can say. Thanks.
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  36. kartik006 New Member

    Hi, I am Karthik Pai, I am from Mangalore. I am into fisheries business. My daughter works in Bangalore for a bank. She has been working in Bangalore for last 5 years and now she is getting married and I plan to gift them apartment for the occasion as that will be very useful for them later on. I could not go for high end as the expenses for the marriage also would be high. I had visited Bangalore to meet her then I heard about this company Dreamz from my friend and he said that this would be quite fitting my pocket. We visited their office and after having convinced of the offer I booked a flat in Koramangala. I paid 30% upfront and rest for later. The service is good and the company I felt was reliable. We are happy to have bought a flat with Dreamz. Regards
  37. yerraswamy New Member

    Hello, my name is Yerraswamy, I am a construction contractor for many construction companies. I heard about Dreamz Infra quite a lot and just ignored as I knew it was very difficult to provide flats at the rates they are promising to provide. But my interest remained on how the company will shape up. I hear from my clients and reviews on the progress of the company. One day I asked my executive to prepare a feasibility of analysis of Dreamz taking all the info. He collected a lot a of data and finally prepared the report. He said the model is possible because of low-margin model of around 5%, and due other benefits of no interest burden, construction rebates upto 20% etc. With good co-ordination of the things it is possible and sustainable. That was good information for me as I was waiting to buy a few flats for me for investment and selling at time of possession or good rate. I approached them and told that I want to do a bulk deal and to give me the best discount. Their best personal talked to me and I have narrowed on 4 apartments in their different projects and bought them. I got a very good discount and I knew the price was very good. In a couple of projects the construction progress is good with 20-30% work done and other to be started. My best guess is there should not be any gross issues unless something un-foreseen happens, but hope such things would not happen and I will get the flats in reasonable time. Hope this will be useful. Thanks.
  38. suryakant123 New Member

    Hi I am Suryakant, I am a Senior Project Manager in leading Indian IT firm. I have more than 12 years of experience in Bangalore and I have an own house near Bannerghatta road. I am currently living with my family here. We wanted to buy a second flat in Bangalore as it is one of the best investments today. I did not want to spend more than 25-30 lacs and I wanted to take mostly on down-payment. I identified a builder in property sites it’s called Dreamz. I identified a project from their website which was in JP Nagar and also the price was good. I thought if I mention about more down-payment I will get more discount. I talked their guys in their office and they gave me a good price I thought. I have been getting good service from them and also I see the progress on the project has been satisfactory. Regards
  39. Bala Subhramanyam New Member

    Good progress in construction. Constructions are going on very well it is fast and good quality products they are using. Apart from providing all world class amenities like swimming pool, super market and loan facilities, they also provide five years property management services and so many other offers which we couldn't imagine. Good customer support. It’s as safe as you would have paid to your known builder.
    Bala Subhramanyam
  40. Muneshwar Patel New Member

    We have taken a flat with Dreamz GK Infra. We are Mr & Mrs. Singh. Dreamz GK Infra is one of the most professional, diligent and amiable real estate companies we have ever visited. We met with one of the Sales guys by name Vijay who informed and updated us at all times, without us ever having to chase them for anything. Though it took us some time His attention to detail and willingness to help, ensured that the booking was concluded extremely smoothly. Thank you Dreamz GK Infra. You are a credit to to the world of real estate.
    Muneshwar Patel

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