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Email Marketing Needs This Change

Discussion in 'Say Anything' started by glocalmspl, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. glocalmspl Member

    Did you know that 85 per cent of emails sent by brands to their customers are ignored?

    The 50-year-old concept of email has been forecasted to go extinct numerous times in a couple of decades, even so, its popularity continues to increase with each passing year. Even with the surfacing of newer concepts such as SMS, Push Notifications and WhatsApp, armed with incomparable cost-efficiency and scale benefits, emails continue to be looked at as the most effective method of communication.

    Therefore as marketers, how can we ensure that every brand email is opened by customers?
    It would mean not only increasing the numerator (the number of emails opened) but also reducing the denominator (the number of emails sent). What would a new world of 100 per cent opens and therefore 0 per cent waste look like?

    The massive digitisation the country witnessed in 2020 due to Covid-19, catapulted India as a leading mobile-first consumer economy. This consumer’s shift to mobile is transforming how content is consumed, be it editorial, entertainment or branded. The shift has also impacted the attention spans leading to a phenomenon called “Attention Recession”.

    Apart from the increasing number of brands clouding screens, the rise of social media and the creator’s economy too has further triggered the fragmentation of consumer attention. Today an average consumer takes 2-3 seconds to decide whether to proceed reading an email or not; that is all the time that brands have to ensure a win.

    Consumer interest is an emotion by itself; therefore developing a mechanism to make something as simple as ‘opening an email’, a rewarding experience offers a higher chance of capturing the consumer’s attention. Studies have proven that most consumers don’t make a purchase the first time they see a product.

    REPEATED EXPOSURE creates an imprint.

    Therefore, brands should aim to onboard the consumer on a rewarding expedition by gamifying the engagement process, wherein every email - which is opened and actioned, earns points. Over time, these points can be developed into a ubiquitous currency that can be encashed for rewards of choice.

    This process of incentivising the right consumer behaviour will empower the brand to lead the consumer along the path beneficial to their brand and will therefore be mutually beneficial to the Brand-Customer Relationship.

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