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Engineering Books

Discussion in 'Annoucements' started by shopmebook, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. shopmebook Member

    In this age of digital resources and PDFs, just how relevant is a textbook? When you can have all the information you need from a few clicks and a good enough net connection, why bother picking up and going through these heavy tomes, especially when you probably need it for just a couple of semesters at best?
    Fair enough. Now try remembering being a student at school.
    Before your exams, all you had was a textbook. Maybe your notes and/or a worksheet, but the important thing was the textbook. All the information you ever needed (more importantly, all the information that the teacher needed from you), was here, all of it explained as well as humanely possible. All you had to do was read it. Because you knew that if you closed the last page of the chapter in the syllabus, you wouldn’t need anything else. In fact, even then, the kid who would come to the exam after reading the entire thing from the textbook had a special halo around her/ him. So, tell me, why will the situation be any different in college?
    Still not convinced? Don’t worry; we will keep pecking at you until you finally admit that you need a textbook!
    Engineering Books
    One of the frustrating things about being an engineer is the way people assume that it’s damn easy. I mean, come on people! Studying Engineering Books is tough, understanding them, tougher, and finding physical copies of these engineering books at reasonable prices? Phew!
    Here, we present to you a list of some of the essential reading you need, and also where to find your copy of these engineering books. Let’s go!
    Elementary Engineering Mathematics
    One of the things that trips up students and keeps them sobbing over spoilt grades, is Mathematics; trust me, you will never need an engineering book as much as you need it for Maths. And for surviving that 1st year, when all of it seems Greek, this textbook is definitely worth a look.

    Process engineering. Too many variables, too many formulae, and too less marks. The only thing that can save you here is practice and understanding; this engineering book will cover you on both these fronts.
    Microwave Engineering
    At a time when the whole world is fussing over circuits and chips, this textbook can save you from blowing your fuse over it. This textbook by Sanjeev Gupta is recommended reading, more so as this engineering book is on the reference lists for Microwave Engineers, across universities.
    Engineering Chemistry
    Dr. O.P Aggarwal needs no introduction; you might have used his textbooks while getting into engineering. On the other hand, no one regrets learning too much about chemical bonds and lattices; better to rely on a trusted author and his engineering book to let you revise all the concepts.
    A Text Book of Applied Mechanics Dynamics and Statics
    Inertia, moment of force and vectors can and will resurface in engineering, even if you’re not remotely associated with the structural and civil side of engineering. To be prepared when you have to deal with them, this engineering book is a good textbook to have beside you.

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