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Discussion in 'Pune Real Estate' started by FloorRise Realty, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. FloorRise Realty New Member

    In any market there is right time to enter and make a proper investment. The same applies in the real estate sector also. How to get a maximum return on our investments when the market is touching new highs and people are investment in it. It is the right time which decide your return rate in real estate.
    If we really want to get the understanding of the market with right time to invest and also the exit, we should understand the trends that are contributing considerably in changing the future of Real Estate Sector.
    Let’s us see some of the trends to enter and exit the market –
    Supply and Demand formula
    When the market is at boom, we should have to wait till it comes at the normal track, as the supply is more than the consumption is the right time to get in and have a great deal in Real Estate market.
    Government Reforms
    Once a time Real Estate market was called as a ununiformsector because there was no regulating authority which keep a watch. Now Governmenthad introduced a Regulatory for real estate sector- Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA)along with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which given the direction to the real estate sector ina substantial way.
    Home Loan Interest Rates
    RBI and Government made a contributory change in the banking industry that the affordable Interest rates are in place, almost 1 to 1.5 percentage interest rate has been reduced by the RBI guidelines, which is also positive indication for real estate sector.
    All these positive steps like RERA, GST, Interest Rates are very important factors, which will give a direction to the industry in coming years.
    We at Floorrise give a best fit projects in and around pune, so please if you have any information required, please feel free to get in touch with us.
  2. puja New Member

    thanks for sharing the nice information.Flats in Pune

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