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Growth of Kolkata Real Estate Market

Discussion in 'Kolkata Real Estate' started by Deepak, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Deepak New Member

    Since independence, the city of joy Kolkata has been growing; both in size and in terms of population. From incorporating different people to different businesses, growth has been quite consistent. But very recently the talk of the town is certainly the boom of real estate industry in Kolkata. The city is expanding like never before; and these days the buzz is high around all those skyscrapers, shopping malls, cinema hubs, multiplexes etc in and around Kolkata. Some years’ back we have seen cities like Mumbai or outskirts of Delhi and even Bangalore were growing but the hype that is happening around the real estate market in Kolkata of late, is something that has never been seen in Indian market thus far.
    From those glittery malls to the newly build high-rises in various parts of Rajarhat, New Town etc places, Kolkata real estate has become such a hotshot that real estate tycoons from various parts of India are going gaga over the city now. Apart from the big commercial properties, residential properties too are in great demand. People; NRI’s, bongs who wants to come back from various parts of the globe, big celebs etc all are trying their hands in searching a soothing, serene, posh location in or around the city.
    You may found it strange but truth is that Kolkata is getting bigger and better with time. And in upcoming years, it only promises more. Kolkata’s latest outskirts like; Garia, Topsia, Chinar Park or New Town etc are the new hot properties around Kolkata. Especially places like Rajarhat, New Town have emerged as the most favoured places for the big property developers. Thus now you would find high-priced and luxurious housing complexes in Shrachi Rosedale Garden or in Chinar Park etc. Spreading across a long stretch of 16 acres, Shrachi Rosedale Garden is undoubtedly one of the finest residential properties to be sought after in the city of joy in current times. These sort of residential properties in Kolkata actually have been able to cuddle an array of services which were not that easy to see in earlier scenario. Today if you have money and if you are willing to spend then you would virtually get hundreds of options too.
    With more companies coming in and around the IT hubs like Salt Lake sector V & Rajarhjat, the future seems to be sparkling for the real estate builders for sure. Anyways, when you can find all the important amenities of life like; school, station, airport, market etc within your short reach, then no wonder to see people becoming more eager to buy these properties like ever. So you just need to pick the right one for yourself as per your choice and then it’s time to indulge yourself in luxury my friends. Come and discover Kolkata.
    But you do need to remember that finding the right builder for your happy-home is a must to get the best benefits. Well, if you have been searching for your dream real estate developers, then the experienced real estate agent in eastern India like Lemongrass can come really handy for you.
  2. Eelina New Member

    Yes I think Deepak you are right.Now more and more companies are coming towards Rajarhat.I think Rajarhat will become Bengal's next IT hub after SEC-V in coming days.
    real estate company in kolkata
  3. candyflower Member

    Kolkata is big city and well developed for real estate property. In this post given all information about real estate is very informative and useful. Thank you sharing such nice information.
  4. sichermove New Member

    Informative post... kolkata is emerging as the best real estate destination in India.
  5. Dennis Young New Member

    That was a good news cause last time that i heard the real estate on this place is they are struggling on getting home sales just like this year for real estate in Helsinki at http://www.uudiskohde.fi/ where their home sales for this first quarter of the month is very low unlike last year.
  6. aricaa Member

    Hello Deepak,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information.Garia seems to be the top most realty destination in Kolkata.You can find more information onnew apartment for sale in Garia at Commonfloor.
  7. Nice post about real estate condition in Kolkata.

  8. liyans Member

  9. Nice post. Interested in Flats in Madhyamgram? Just visit SD Group kolkata and buy your flats now.
  10. Ritu Mehta Member

    The doggedness of the end users to search for the perfect home is driving the real estate current scenario now. Inspite of the global economic meltdown, national meltdown, the end users of realty are still flocking the projects in search of a perfect home. This trend is very much visible and palpable in Kolkata also.
    With this current trend in view, the real estate developers of Kolkata have shed their inhibitions of getting into low cost homes and are open now to invest in lands which are even beyond the boundary of the city of Kolkata.
    Previously, this trend would have drawn much flak, as the middle class population had fewer options of commuting from the suburbs to the central business district of Kolkata. Not now anymore.
    For the last decade, transportation and communication have improved in Kolkata like never before and is probably the only metro city, not only in India but in the entire world, which has the cheapest and several transportation options from any place within its precincts or even from the suburban areas.
    The real estate economic growth only survives on the comfortability of all the classes of people in a society and what drive them are the infrastructure facilities.
    So, when it comes to transportation and communication, Kolkata has surpassed all the other metros in India and has improved many folds, paving way for its real estate developers to even think of building homes in areas which are not very close to its city centers.
    Hence, very good homes have mushroomed now in the various suburban areas of Kolkata, viz., BT Road (North), Chandpur Champahati (extreme East), Baruipur (South), Howrah (West), with affordable prices keeping in view the low land cost of those areas, various commuting facilities, economic crunch overall, giving a chance to anybody to invest in those areas.
    So, this is probably the best time to invest in a Kolkata property. Not only because, the prices are low due to the above factors, also because even in an economic meltdown, property investments are always a safer option.
    The prices and demands for realty never go down and that too in a metro city.

    Also, in recent times, the Kolkata developers have followed the models of Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, and have come up with various offers for their properties namely offering free mid-sized cars to the first few buyers, modular kitchens and free Air-conditioners with flats which are difficult to sell due to their design patterns etc.

    In this atmosphere, the highest number of buyers that Kolkata is getting is either from the NRI Indians or from people who reside in nearby cities who are making a safe bet here. The demand for home in Kolkata is increasing as a result.
    The developers have seen in the past few months, that if the product mix is right which means that the location of the property, its design, its facilities and amenities are good, then any project in Kolkata wherever it is being developed, is getting a steady flow of buyers all around the year.
    Hence, as stated above also, if you want to invest in a property and you don’t have a city preference or your investment instincts are driven by the market scenario and not by sentiments, Kolkata is the ideal destination.
    It has improved infrastructure, low prices, steady flow of transactions all the time and opportunities galore to re-sell a property at a better price sometime in the future.
    This is indeed, the right time and place to invest. Kolkata is awaiting many more deals in near future too. Probably, the pre-Puja (festivities) times of August and September will herald many more investors from different parts of this country and also abroad as the best time is the current time.
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  12. Krishnabangla Member

    Nice post.
  13. Ranu Member

    Kolkata Real Estate is growing day by day as their market is going up in land and Property.Kolkata developers have followed the models of Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, and have come up with various offers for their properties namely offering free mid-sized cars to the first few buyers, modular kitchens and free Air-conditioners with flats which are difficult to sell due to their design patterns et.Their are Property for Sale in Kolkata.
  14. Great Info.
  15. RishiVentoso New Member

    Kolkata is gradually turning out to be a great place for the up rise of various medium range, affordable housing projects. Rishi Ventoso - a premium yet budget-friendly G+11 housing project at Madhyamgram, near Airport in Kolkata. Experience a healthy, luxurious and active lifestyle at well ventilated South Facing 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes in Rishi Ventoso.
  16. Prasun Banerjee New Member

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