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HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series I NFO

Discussion in 'Mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds' started by real_buzz, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. real_buzz Moderator

    Hdfc mutual fund has come up with their new fund “HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series I” which is a good option for investors who want to generate good returns with least risk on their capital. HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series I is a closed end fund which could a issue with few investors who are interested in locking their money for such a long period but if you are looking to diversify your investment strategy then it could be a good bet.

    Indian stock markets have been quite volatile and been trading in a range for last couple of years and this fund may prove to be a good bet in long term.

    This product is suitable for investors who are seeking;
    · Regular income as well as capital appreciation over long term.
    · To generate returns by investing in debt and money market instruments and also in equity and equity related Instruments to achieve capital appreciation
    The Scheme is “oriented towards protection of capital” and “not with guaranteed returns”. The Scheme does not guarantee any returns. The orientation towards protection of capital originates from the structure of the Portfolio of the Scheme and not from any Bank guarantee, Insurance Cover etc. There is no assurance that the structure would provide the necessary protection of capital.
    Rated [ICRA]AAAmfs(SO) by ICRA
    The assigned rating is conditional and is valid only for HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series I
    (3 Plans) - Close Ended Capital Protection Oriented Income Scheme. The rating indicates highest degree of safety regarding timely receipt of payments from the investments that the Plan(s) have made.
    Offer of Units of Rs.10/- each for cash during the New Fund Offer (NFO)
    Name of the Plan- HDFC CPO - I - 36M September 2013
    New Fund Offer Opens on- September 16, 2013
    New Fund Offer Closes on- September 30, 2013
    The Units of the Plan will not be available for Subscription / Switch-in after the closure of NFO period. The
    Units of the Scheme will be listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. and BSE Ltd. Investors can
    purchase / sell Units on a continuous basis on the Stock Exchange(s) on which the Units are listed. As
    the Units are listed on the Stock Exchange(s), the Plan will not provide redemption facility until the date of Maturity / Final Redemption date.

    The Trustee may close the New Fund Offer before the above mentioned date by giving at least one day notice in one daily Newspaper.

    For more details visit, click here

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