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How to Invest your way to Success?

Discussion in 'Real Estate Resellers' started by kick88, May 4, 2012.

  1. kick88 New Member

    I've had a pretty middling Real Estate career thus far, not absolutely horrible but around $750K to a million in sales for the last couple years - but only really coming out with 15-25K in earnings each year after expenses thus far.

    I'm getting a couple referrals here and there and my clients are consistently happy with my performance and effort, but I feel like I've reached something of a glass ceiling.

    This winter I got a dayjob in auto sales that has me on track to earn 40K minimum (of course with investing alot more hours) which I like, but limiting myself to 2 days a week for Real Estate endeavours is proving tough to turn productive with.

    I've never had an online presence and the website I've been 'planning' for 2 years has never fully come to fruition beyond buying the URL, so I guess my question is this.

    If I'm willing to spend money to garner some more Real Estate success, what are the most efficient methods? There has to be a couple lead buying services that are legit and provide real results, but who the heck are they?
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  2. kynastonlaird Member

    Success is most important part in each and every field. Its useful information about successful investment. I think first we decide type of property like residential, commercial, rent after see location, facility, services in property investment.
  3. bojemrythem Member

    To get success in investment, you should choose the right type of property first. You should investigate each and every details of the property such as location, market condition, competitor strategy, surrounding area and affordable price before investing. You should get some expert advise from experienced broker to get a best deal.
  4. marcssteve Member

    To become successful in investment sector, one should hire an experienced and trusted property agent as he has enough knowledge about market situation. One should invest his money by doing proper inspection of the property. To select the right type of property is the most important factor in investment.
  5. CedrikStone New Member

    Investing is a good choice for you in real estate.In Finland country many people are really into investing in real estate because of the fact that many of real estate their including those toimitila are very success and many of investors are not yet taking the risk on investing in it.

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