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How to use Feng Shui to attract wealth?

Discussion in 'Vastu & Feng Shui' started by rakeshkhan, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. rakeshkhan New Member

    Feng Shui plays vital role in enhancing the flow of energy in your money corner.
    Feng Shui us the ancient Chinese principle of balancing the energy levels in our surroundings including houses. The basic principle behind the application of various Feng Shui principles is to increase the quantum of positive energy known as chi to your home and into your life. An increase in positive chi energy brings wealth, abundance and happiness. According to old Feng Shui masters, Feng Shui principles do not bring wealth, but create a necessary support mechanism of positive vibes helping the individual to strive to greater living experience and abundance. Let us take a look at some of the common principles useful in attracting wealth, bliss and abundance in our daily lives.
    Cut out the Clutter: Having a space devoid of clutter is one of the basic principles of Feng Shui used in increasing the chi energy balance. Clutter or unwanted and old junk items must be removed from the house or commercial establishment to decrease the negative energy of the area. An area full of clutter and dirt is one of the biggest deterrents in attracting money and abundance.
    Display Feng Shui Symbols: The ancient principles of Feng Shui gives huge importance to displaying positive symbols to attract good chi energy. Displaying of Feng Shui symbols signifying wealth including Feng Shui aquarium, Feng Shui wealth vase, fountains and water bodies in the home must be used to attract chi energy indicating monetary bliss.

    Fix Water Leakage: In Feng Shui, the element water is associated directly with money and financial abundance. It is important to check all water pipes, sinks, taps, showers and bath tubs for any small leakages. Leakage of water faucets is equated as a loss of money. Fixing water leakage is strongly recommended for individuals who complain of not being able to retain the money and send up spending almost all of their earnings.
    Have a Water Fountain: A water fountain with clean flow of water with the water being directed inside the house must be placed on the outside porch of the house to attract money. The fountain must be placed next to live plants if possible as live plants are also associated as chi enhancer in Feng Shui.
    Use Essential Oils: Energy flow inside the house must always be supported by positive energies by using soothing essential oils. The more positive energy flow, the better the chances of attracting and retaining wealth.
    Citrine Crystal: Keeping Citrine crystal in or Citrine Feng Shui gem tree in the money corner of the house is one of the best ways to attract positive chi energy enhancing the financial gains. Citrine gem is also known to enhance self-esteem of the individual helping in increasing confidence levels.

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