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How upcoming Airport in Navi Mumbai can be a Game changer in the Real Estate Sector

Discussion in 'Mumbai Real Estate' started by prashant, Aug 2, 2019.


How upcoming Airport in Navi Mumbai can be a Game changer in the Real Estate Sector

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  1. prashant New Member

    The Navi Mumbai International Airport is a testament to the fast growing aviation sector in modern India. The project will cost an estimated INR 16,700 crore to the national exchequer and once commissioned, will handle millions of passengers per year.
    ยท At the same time, the new airport project is already casting deep effects on the real estate industry in the local areas. According to a report published by the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry, property registrations in and near Navi Mumbai have significantly grown after GVK won the bid to build the new airport.www.spaceindia.in
  2. jaymukar New Member

    Hi prashant, i would like to say something about your opinion that Airport in Navi Mumbai it will be a game changer in real estate sector ! Yes it is but i think commercial sector will grow up fast near airport rather than residential and it is growing fast day by day as we can see now so many builder are taking interest in Navi Mumbai residential and commercial sector. but according to survey due to economic recession(slow recession) property prices are high and buyer don't have enough budget to buy residential flat in Navi Mumbai. Now Channel Partners are taking place to sell both kind of property in Navi Mumbai. Competition is very high in the Channel Partners and Amarantos is taking place in the Real Estate Consultancy service provider in Navi Mumbai. You can find residential property in navi mumbai nearby airport. for more information kindly visit amarantos.in. Amarantos is introducing 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3 bhk, and 4 bhk flat in Navi Mumbai and help customer to make them dream true.

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