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L&T FINANCE HOLDINGS LIMITED Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares (CRPS)

Discussion in 'Mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds' started by real_buzz, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. real_buzz Moderator

    Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares (CRPS)

    Date of Incorporation: May 01, 2008
    A Public Limited Company incorporated under the Companies Act having its equity shares listed On the BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited

    Company Information
    Overview and Corporate Structure
    Our Company offers a diverse range of financial products and services across the corporate, retail and infrastructure finance sectors, as well as mutual fund products and investment management services, through our direct and indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries

    Our Company is registered with the RBI as an NBFC-ND-SI, and has applied for registration as a Core Investment Company (CIC). The equity shares of our Company are listed on the BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited. We are promoted by Larsen & Toubro Limited ("L&T"), one of the leading companies in India, with interests in engineering, construction, electrical and electronics manufacturing and services, information technology and financial services

    Our network of offices has been established to cater to the business needs of our diverse customer base, which includes individual retail customers as well as large companies, banks, multinational companies and small and medium-enterprises, and to provide them with satisfactory customer service according to their varying requirements. Our operations are arranged into four business groups, being the Infrastructure Finance Group, the Retail Finance Group, the Corporate Finance Group and the Investment Management Group, each as defined below

    Our wholly-owned subsidiary, L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited ("L&T Infra"),conducts our infrastructure finance business (our "Infrastructure Finance Group"), which provides financial products and services to our customers engaged in infrastructure development and construction, with a focus on the power, roads, telecommunications, oil and gas and ports sectors in India. Our Infrastructure Finance Group comprises the segments of project finance and corporate loans, equity investments and financial advisory services. L&T Infra is registered with the RBI as an NBFC-ND-SI and an Infrastructure Finance Company, which allows it to optimize its capital structure by diversifying its borrowings and accessing long-term funding resources, thereby expanding its financing operations while maintaining its competitive cost of funds. L&T Infra has also been categorized as a public financial institution

    Our wholly-owned subsidiary, L&T Finance Limited ("L&T Finance"), conducts our retail finance business and our corporate finance business (our "Retail Finance Group" and "Corporate Finance Group", respectively). L&T Finance is registered with the RBI as an NBFC-ND-SI and an AFC

    Our Retail Finance Group provides financing to our retail customers for the acquisition of income generating assets and income-generating activities generally, and comprises the segments of construction equipment finance, transportation equipment finance, rural products finance and microfinance. In addition, our Retail Finance Group caters to the non-financing needs of our retail customers through the distribution of third party financial products such as insurance and Mutual Funds

    Our Corporate Finance Group provides financial products and services to our corporate customers, and comprises the segments of corporate loans and leases (in the form of asset-backed loans, term loans, receivables discounting, short-term working capital facilities and operating and finance leases), supply chain finance (which includes vendor and dealer finance products) and capital markets products

    Product Information
    Fully Paid –up Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares (CRPS)
    Mode of Issue
    Secondary Market Offering
    CRPS - FY 13 – A
    AA+ by CARE
    Face Value Per CRPS
    Minimum Investment
    Rs.1,00,000 (1,000 CRPS)
    Multiples of Rs.1,00,000 (1,000 CRPS)
    Rate of Dividend
    8.75% per annum on Face Value
    Dividend Payment Frequency
    3 Years
    Issuance Mode

    Financial Results
    As on period ended March 31
    Stand Alone
    Total Income
    Profit After Tax
    Net Worth
    Total Assets

    The Figures are 12 Months Audited Figures and are in Crores

    For more specific details about this Investment Opportunity and for Assistance, Please call the below co-ordinates or the undersigned

    Piyush Jain @ 98802 14945

    Jaitheerth Venkatanarasimhan | Senior Manager - Products & Sales Coordination |SPRISM Investment Services Pvt Ltd No.21, First Floor, Raja Glitz | Opp Suzuki Showroom | KH Road | Bangalore - 560 027
    (080 - 30267857 (D)
    (080 - 30267877 (B) | 7
    Fax 080- 30790876

    Mobile : +91 98802 14938* jaitheerthv@sprism.in | website: www.sprisminvest.com
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