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Make Money in Any Real Estate Market

Discussion in 'Real estate Investment' started by rahuldeshmukh, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. rahuldeshmukh Member

    Make Money in Any Real Estate Market
    Donald Trump makes billions of dollars purchasing run down or vacant properties and building fantastic structures on them. Warren Buffett makes billions of dollars buying "troubled" companies and turning them into financial powerhouses. Little ol' me makes millions of dollars by purchasing hard-to-sell houses and making them dream homes.

    There's a theme here. If you look closely at the investing strategies of billionaires, you'll find a single principle hiding in all their actions On the other hand, if you look closely at the investing strategies of struggling investors, you'll rarely find it. What is this principle and how can you profit from it?

    > The Law of Supply and Demand
    > Foreclosures: a supply and demand case study
    > Low supply, high demand:
    > High supply, low demand
    > Getting rich from high supply, low demand
    > Increase desirability on the cheap
    > Take it a step further

    More information about the real-estate scenario of be had through our website here: www.findghar.com.
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  2. archana New Member

    very good information, thanks for sharing this. which is the best city for real estate investment in India?
  3. zameen Member

    i think you can consider Pune for investment.
  4. skyavenuerealty New Member

    Is it possible to become rich by this point "Getting rich from high supply, low demand ". I don't think so.
  5. priteshsurve Member

    Buying a property today is not a child’s play. It means a place for generation to come and dwell on it,It would suggest that investment in real estate is more beneficial as compare to stock market.
  6. richardmartinn New Member

    Producing cash from investing in property begins with identifying the true or actual value of the topic property resource. There are many aspects impacting the possibilities of creating cash investing in property, but none more important.
  7. belldoress New Member

    The property percolate may have rush, but in reality, that property is still an eye-catching financial commitment. You just need to look for the benefits that are provided in the down economic climate.
  8. bojemrythem Member

    If you want to make money in real estate market then you should have proper knowledge about this sector because without having proper knowledge you will not be able to get a best deal. You must consider some important factors regarding real estate properties such as location, surrounding area, market value, competitor strategy and affordable price before investing.
  9. perryseeber New Member

    Money making through the real estate investment in large amount is a possible but need to choose a effective strategies for investing in it because without a right strategy money making will be a difficult. If you have perfect knowledge of all real estate market and property value then you can easily make a money from right property investment.
  10. usmakpr New Member

    A profession implies professed attainment in special knowledge. A person may engage in business with or without special knowledge and no one else is concerned with the question whether he has any knowledge of the business,
  11. marcssteve Member

    Money plays a vital role in every person's life. According to me invest in real estate property is a great way to earn more money. Because real estate property value increase day by day so people like to invest money in this type of property for make bright future.
  12. Cira C. Jones New Member

    Making money in real estate market is really possible thing to do specially if you have enough finances for it.In Finland country i seen some myydään asunto or apartment for sale which give me an idea that in real estate market you can earn a lot of money it is just a matter of being professional and learning a lot from it.
  13. candyflower Member

    In this post given all information is very informative and useful. Real estate is good source for investment. Many people invested in real estate fir profit. Real estate market is profitable source for people.
  14. aalisa ray New Member

    Warren Buffett is the world's top investor, He make his money or can say built an empire with the quite effective strategy of investment, Your suggestive investment strategies are also effective but I suggest to keep the eyes on the market and you need to have ability to take immediate action with strategy. If you can do that then your investment will give you better return.
  15. Don Campbell thinks everyone should consider real estate. Of course, you’d expect him to think that given his firm has advised clients on real estate purchases of more than $4 billion. The senior analyst at the Real Estate Investment Network in Vancouver, says every investor should be pondering where they can fit real estate into their overall strategy given the volatilities and uncertainties of the equities market.

  16. SD Groupkol Member

    Great info.

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