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Real estae investment strategies

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by jyotsnaojha, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. jyotsnaojha New Member

    Property consisting like land, buildings, immovable property, roads, structures etc which can be bought leased, sold or transferred together or separately, so this say real property.
    Property purchased with the aim of earning income through rental income or resale, so, this says real estate investing. Investors of real estate typically purchases homes to rent out to tenants, apartments buildings, and commercial buildings.

    In the real estate sector there are strategies to investment on real estate are:

    _The most common strategy is Buy and Hold strategy purchasing a property and renting property involves for an extended period of time.
    _Then another strategy is Flipping real estate, house flipping is the practice of buying a piece of real estate at a discounted price, improving it in some way, and the selling it for a financial gain.
    _Wholesaling real estate, wholesaling is the process of find best real estate deals, and acquire the deal in writing contract, and then selling to another buyer.
    _Auctions is very popular to people and it is a profitable strategy if there are more number of properties for sellers than buyers.
    _Another strategy is short sales Buying and its objectives is find those who suffer from financial hardships so gives help.

  2. abhi26july Member

    very informative post regarding investment in Real estate .Real estate is a field where you have to be very concious and aware before investing ...your post helps a lot to investors
  3. SD Groupkol Member

    Thanks for Sharing this informative info.
  4. Nice Share.
  5. John Scott New Member

    Very informative post. Investing in real estate is incredibly popular these days. There are many different types of real estate investment. You should make choice carefully, compare price and advantages before making any real estate investment.
  6. Kalyan Developers New Member

  7. Ankita Sharma New Member

  8. Vimal New Member

    Great information regarding investment in Real Estate, could anyone help in highlighting the latest Real Estate Investment strategies? This discussion is quite old and I think if everyone contributes it would be of much help. I have already shortlisted an apartment in OMR Chennai with House of Hiranandani. Was just wondering if there are more tips that I could use from everyone.

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