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Real estate down but not out

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by rohitverma, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. rohitverma Member

    Developers are throwing in sops other than lower prices to get buyers interested. Some are even offering the undertaking of another rebate if prices fall further. They say the fish is finally beginning to take the bait - buyers have started coming in the past couple of weeks.

    So, can prices fall any further? Perhaps, by another 5-10%, but there's no crash coming. At least, that's what real estate consultants say.

    Anshuman Magazine, managing director of CB Richard Ellis, South Asia, says, ''Actually, the property marketcould be bottoming out, particularly for new apartment projects". But how are developers able to cut prices? Partly by cutting the fat profit margins that the real estate industry had got accustomed in the last four years and partly by sleight of hand. Market trends in the last couple of weeks suggest there is demand if developers sell their apartments for 25%-30% less than the going rate in the area.
  2. frishfen New Member

    In today's technology world real estate business growing very hugely so i think real estate not down it growing highly amount of rate. It's prices are increase fluently and sharply high. It very difficult to buy home in good area with low price. So sorry but i disagree with your post.
  3. jackstfen New Member

    Yes now a day real estate going slightly down but not out but this happen due to reception in all over the world. In all country they suffer from economy problem so people's interest is decrease in any business. But I sure that this business grow again in large amount.
  4. bojemrythem Member

    Now a days real estate property price is down but its not out of the market. You can purchase any property from any where of your related price. I think you have to search many property for making best property for related budget.
  5. stevepetun Member

    Many investors buy actual property asset with the intention of adding value. Property growth is the improvement of actual property asset as part of a real estate investment strategy. Property growth has to be expert, begin small with something you can handle.
  6. marcssteve Member

    Not only this business but all the business now a days down term because world faced economy crisis, but invest in this business gives a good return in the future in my personal review. But keep in mind which place to choose is must important thing in this business.
  7. norman pakes New Member

    I agree real estate is not down however some are really encounter decrease of sale but they are still not giving up.In fact in Finland country i seen many asuntokaupat or home sales falling down in year 2011 but in year 2012 it will end with a nice result of home sales which lead to a good real estate.
  8. khyatirealities New Member

    The real estate sector is reaping a tremendous boom under the liberalized economy of India.
    India should treat real estate and construction as a proper profession like in the West if it has to rise to global standards. Also the Indian Government is doing their best to increase the demand for real estate sector by supporting FDI and NRI investments.

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