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Top upcoming projects in Kolkata (2020)

Discussion in 'Kolkata Real Estate' started by sanmita, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. sanmita New Member

    The below mentioned information are As per project advertisers.
    I have mentioned total 5 projects that are new in Kolkata:

    1. Merlin The One:
    • Address: Tollygunge Kolkata
    • This is under construction.
    • 2,3 BHK are available.
    • Price: ₹68 L Onwards
    • No. of Towers: 3 Towers
    • No. of Floors: 16 Floors
    • No. of Units: 398 Units
    • Total Project Area: 3.3 acres( 13.35K sq.m. )
    2. South Morya:
    • Address: Tollygunge Kolkata South
    • This is under construction.
    • 3,4 BHK are available.
    • Price: ₹77.95 L - 1.54 Cr
    • No. of Towers: 6 Towers
    • No. of Floors: 19 Floors
    • No. of Units: 432 Units
    • Total Project Area: 5.2 acres( 21.04K sq.m. )
    3. Urban Greens Phase 2:
    • Address: Chinar Park Kolkata East
    • This is under construction.
    • 2,3 BHK are available.
    • Price: ₹40.57 - 74.78 L
    • No. of Towers: 5 Towers
    • No. of Floors: 9 Floors
    • No. of Units: 300 Units
    • Total Project Area: 2.68 acres( 10.85K sq.m. )
    4. Siddha Happyville:
    • Address: Rajarhat Kolkata East
    • Available
    • 2,3 BHK are available.
    • Price: ₹28.92 - 59.25 L
    • No. of Towers: 10 Towers
    • No. of Floors: 19 Floors
    • No. of Units: 1510 Units
    • Total Project Area: 13 acres( 52.61K sq.m. )
    5. The Soul:
    • Address: Rajarhat Kolkata East
    • Available
    • 2,3,4 BHK are available.
    • Price: ₹50.44 L Onwards
    • No. of Towers: 10 Towers
    • No. of Floors: 16 Floors
    • No. of Units: 704 Units
    • Total Project Area: 6.89 acres( 27.88K sq.m. )
    Things to consider when shifting into a high-rise apartment

    Relocating into a high-rise condo or apartment is an excellent choice for you to begin your life all over again. This can be an incredible adventure that would take you to a new location with new neighbors, exciting spots to go in the neighborhood, and also to a new job when the moving is related to a shift to another city.

    But there are some things to keep in mind if making such a change. Shifting into a high-rise building is entirely different from moving into a typical home. So, we would like to provide you a few essential details that could make your relocation more comfortable and more productive. Such useful tips are provided here for your reference.

    Prepare a relocation plan
    When you have a more significant number of products, and you can’t keep all of them in the condo, you have to hire expert packers and movers in your city such as https://www.assureshift.in/packers-and-movers-kolkata. Then, you would have a clear understanding of the products, and you would know what is where.

    Call your relocation company for moving
    Contact your relocation company when you are shifting into a high-rise flat. For instance, when you want to run a piano, you have to call movers who are professionals in moving the piano in your city.

    By this method, you would have a secured moving. Calling an expert relocation company is a good idea because the packers can assist you with your company for your moving.

    Pack for your moving
    If you have done with the relocation company, you have to begin packing for your shifting in a high rise flat. Begin with packing your goods on time and divide them into different categories. In this way, you would know what is in the boxes. When you have an issue to find tables, perform research on where to get the boxes for free.

    On the other side, you could always employ some other packing supplies. You could select packing tapes, bubble wrap, egg cartons, and other packing supplies which could save your products inside the box. Still, you would require telling your budget due to the relocation charges. That could even involve the cost of packing supplies.

    Ensure that you know the conditions
    Now, you have finally completed everything you want before you shift into a high rise building, and it is the right time to think regarding your life in it. On the other part, you have to know some rules and conditions to follow when residing in a building. Staying in a building is not like living in a home.

    You are not alone, and you want to know that others are residing in a similar place as you are. Before you shift in, find out what are home rules of residential apartments. By this method, you could be ready, and you would know what conditions you want to follow if you start to live in a high-rise building.

    Clean your building
    It doesn't matter when the building is already clean when you have shifted in; you have to execute it again. Take a full day for this and perform it. By this, you are going to make your flat look good, and you would begin to feel that it is your house. On the other part, you could choose a cleaning company always, which would aid you with this.

    When shifting with your kids
    If you are moving to a high rise building along with your kids, you should prepare them for a new life in the apartment. As we mentioned, there are some rules within the building, and you have to teach your kids regarding them.

    You are going to avert any trouble, and you are going to create a good picture of your family. When you are relocating with your kids, which is the primary reason to protect the entry into the flat.

    Make your new life happy in a high rise flat
    If you have completed everything with help of movers and when you have shifted into a building, it is the time to be happy with your new life. It might be difficult at the beginning but try to adjust quickly.

    Once you have adapted rapidly, it would be simpler for your family to perform a similar thing. Have in mind that you are staying in a building and you are near the center of the city. Hence, you would have an option in your free time to experience the city when you do not have an opportunity before.
  2. Shamshu Member

    Siddha Magnum is a Residential Project by Siddha Group located in Kolkata.

    Siddha Magnum, off Kalyani Expressway, just 9.2 km from the Kolkata International Airport, is a stellar space that will offer warehouse facilities. Across 22 acres in the first phase, it will be available in the built-to-suit format. The project will soon be connected with Beghoria Expressway, which easily links all major states and national highways.
  3. PS Group New Member

    There are multiple new real estate projects which are under construction like The102 near Joka Metro, Navyom in New Alipore, One10 in New Town.
    All of these real estate projects are luxurious and build to provide you an experience of spacious apartments, world-class amenities and the best thing is located at strategic location in Kolkata.

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