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Vastu interior decorating for good health.

Discussion in 'Vastu & Feng Shui' started by snehasingh, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. snehasingh Member

    Vastu interior decorating is ancient, architectural science from at least 5000 years ago. Found in Hindu Vedic texts, it seeks to bring harmony and balance between humans and buildings.
    Health is improved when living in a scientifically decorated home. Consider how cluttered rooms feel and these principles begin to make sense.
    Vastu interior decorating :-
    Center of building or room :-

    The center of a building and also of every room, is important for good health. This area is the meeting point of all energies from all directions. For good health, the center should be clear, free flowing and clean.
    Vastu Shastra interior decorating teaches no stairs, toilets, overhead beams or heavy objects in this location. Keep the area clean and discourage walking here. Most suggest keeping the area vacant. Options are to hang a chandelier, place a beautiful area rug or build a courtyard here. Often, this is why buildings have courtyards in the center.
    Living room :-
    Hang a bright sunrise picture on the South wall. No images of death, sinking ships or other energy lowering pictures should be used in the home. An aquarium or fountain can go in the Northeast corner to stimulate opulence. Decorating accents work on the subconscious.
    Therefore, decor which seems prosperous to the individual should be used. Just make sure everything is in good repair and has meaning. For example, use accents from one's own culture, time period or lifestyle.

  2. Ritu Mehta Member

    A home splashed with wonderful colours and beautiful interiors also needs something more to make it all perfect to live in- the positive energy drive! To integrate these positive energy blocks into your interior designs, you might have to follow some simple Vastu tips.
    There are specific principles of Vastu for home decoration purposes to help you in living a joyful life. So, it’s time to call a Vastu consultant along with the home interior designer to work wonders on your home. Know how Vastu interior designs can guide you in living a better life!
    Vastu for Happy Living

    Factors that Bring Wholesome Happiness in Life

      • Health
      • Peace of mind
      • Wealth

    To attain these factors in life you can alter some of your interior designs by following simple Vastu tips. Here are some effective principles of Vastu for home decoration techniques.
    Vastu Decor Ideas

    Vastu Tips for Peace

    Main Entrance

    You can engrave auspicious symbols on your main doors to welcome lasting peace to stay. Images of God that you prefer or some energetic images of Lord Shiva and Lakshmi can be carved on your doors based on your preferences.
    Colour Schemes

    Choose mixed colour shades like red, orange, and yellow on the walls, cabinets. It is always better to avoid blue and black as much as possible.
    Sleeping Directions

      • Sleeping in a proper direction is one of the primary factors for determining your peace of mind. To absorb only the positive energy that encircles your bed, it is better to sleep with head towardsSouthorEast and avoid head towards NorthorWest.
      • Elders, senior citizens and the head of the family must sleep in the Southwest direction to ensure mental peace.
      • Unmarried girls are advised to sleep with their heads in the Northwest position for peace. It is better for them to avoid sleeping in Southwest direction.

    Vastu Tips for Health

      • While cooking, eating and drinking it is better to avoid Southwest and South direction. Face East or West during eating to enhance digestion system of your body.
      • When negotiating with your business partners and customers, face either Eastern or Northern direction to enjoy strong memory power and decision making skills.
      • Basil plant or Tulsi holds high medicinal values; hence try growing a Tulsi plant at home. At the same time, also avoid rubber plant, cactus, bonsai and milky plants that are impediments to good health.
      • Staircases must not occupy the centre of your house. Avoid having stairs, kitchen and toilet on the Northeast side. It could cause brain disorders and cancer threats.
      • Wooden beds without any storage space are good options to choose. They protect you against any kind of brain and heart related health ailments.
      • It is positive to burn a candle in the Southeast direction to improve ailing health conditions.

    Vastu for Wealth and Prosperity

      • The basics of Vastu interior designs marks clutter free home as an important Vastu principle.
      • North is the direction of wealth and to attract the positive energy of Lord Kubera, it is important to enhance positive energy in this direction.
      • See to that your main entrance door is not blocked by wires and other clumsy pipelines that could hamper your money flow!
      • Always keep brooms and mops out of the sight to avoid expenses overruling your wealth.
      • Desks and tables that contain computers and other objects are meant to be clean always. This will ensure smooth flow of money and wealth into your living space.
      • The locker of your house can be in the Southwest corner of your room to enjoy uninterrupted flow of wealth and possessions.

    These are some of the simple Vastu interior designs which when combined with your home decor ideas can bestow you with happiness in every walk of your life!
  3. Sunita Kedhar New Member

    Whether you have just moved into your property in Thane or are looking for a quick tip to decorate your residential projects in Thane. Well, hiring an interior designer will cost you a lot, in this blog I have mentioned some tips and tricks which you can use and change the look and feel of your house that too with minimal effort and cost.
    You can go through my blog for more details -
    Home Decoration Tips & Tricks
  4. Ashish Kumar New Member


    Vastu Shastra tips for your house is really a very important matter, this only can solve by a best Vastu consultant and A professional Vastu consultant should be an accomplished authority on architecture, Indian ancient science of Vastu, Vedic scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, astrology and other related sciences. Dr. Puneet Chawla has a command over all these and is adept at providing Vastu recommendations to homes, commercial establishments, and industries.

    Here some vastu tips:-

    • Staircases should never be placed in the centre of the house at any cost as this would bring bad health to the inmates.
    • Placement of gates in the south direction led to major health issues as this direction is owned by Lord Yam, the god of death. If at any cost, this placement cannot be avoided, then make sure that the gates in the south are very high and made of wood.
    • The southeast is the most ideal location for a kitchen as this is owned by Agnidev, the lord of fire. Hence, kitchen should be located here only
    Trees should not be grown in the north, east and north east part of the plot as they would block this area. The north and the east directions should be left open as far as possible.
    Vastu remedies for home interiors
    • Placing your head in the south while sleeping is highly recommended in Vastu in order to maintain overall good health in general. One should never sleep with his or her head placed towards the south.
    • For cooking and eating, the north direction should be avoided. Instead the east should be used for the same. This would lead to promotion of effective digestion and good health.
    • A rubber or tulsi plant should be placed in the north east in order to ensure Vastu for good health.
    • In order to prevent miscarriages and abortions, pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the north eastern rooms.
    • Beds made of metals should be avoided for sleeping in order to keep brain and heart related diseases at bay.
    • In order to promote good health, light a candle or lamp in the north eastern direction every day.
    • No activity should be performed beneath a beam including sleeping and resting, or else one would suffer from constant headaches and depression.
    • Your bed should never be placed in front of a mirror.
    so for more information visit our website:- http://www.livevaastu.com
    thanks & regard
    Ashish Kumar
  5. Romadua New Member

    Vaastu’ means a system of construction that renders peace, a satisfaction of life to the residents of that house built according to Vaastu Shastra. ‘Vaastu Shastra, in fact, is a very old Science of our great country India. Its knowledge can enable us to get benefits of mental peace & health, wealth etc. & makes our lives happy.
    To Know More, Read What is Vaastu & its Basic Elements
  6. tomshan New Member

    I think you are right, with this you have also maintained your kitchen interior, we did our kitchen last year with the help of modular kitchen dealers in Nagpur, they also suggest Vaastu Shastra. I hope this will help you.

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