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Vastu Tips for Drawing Room:

Discussion in 'Vastu & Feng Shui' started by snehasingh, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. snehasingh Member

    • Drawing room should always be constructed in North direction.
    • It is recommended to have square or rectangular shaped furniture and it should be place in Southern and Western corners of the drawing room.
    • The telephone should be kept in the South-West and other electrical appliances except the TV are best to be placed in South-East direction. Auspicious place for keeping sofa is in North-West. Avoid place L-shaped sitting arrangement in your drawing room.
    • Best direction to keep Television is South-East and showcase in the South-West corner.
    • A.C. or Cooler should be placed in North or West direction, avoid the South-East or North-West direction.
    • Head of the family and his wife should sit in the South-West corner of the room and should face East or North-East. This will help in building stability and positive energy.
    • Guest should sit in the North-West of South-East and the arrangement should be done is such a manner that they face South or West direction
    • Pictures of aquariums or any other water bodies or water fountains should preferably be placed in North or East area, as this brings fortune. Also the water flow shown in the picture should points towards the interior of the house. Such king or pictures keep your mind calm and peace and encourages positive energy.

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