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Vastu Tips for plants

Discussion in 'Vastu & Feng Shui' started by snehasingh, May 10, 2013.

  1. snehasingh Member

    Restricted Plants and Trees
    • Those having thorns should not be planted near or in your house such as Akolh, Babool, Katari, and Ber.
    • Plants or trees those are milking should be avoided such as Mahua, Vata, and Peepal.
    • Those trees bearing fruits such as Mango, and Banana.
    Besides choosing plants or trees you should also consider where they must be planted and in which directions of the house. This is because planting plants or trees in there proper direction helps to avoid their negative effects harming you.
    Direction for Planting Plants
    • Towards the eastern direction of your home you should grow a Vata Peepal tree as it is auspicious but in this direction you should never grow fruit bearing trees as they are inauspicious.
    • In the Southern Direction you should grow a Goolar trees as it is very auspicious for this direction but should restrict Pakad and Nimba as they are inauspicious.
    • Western direction is good to have Peepal tree as it is the most auspicious for this direction where as Vata and Banana are inauspicious.
    • For Pakad Northern direction is most auspicious while Goolar and Banana are inauspicious.
    These are some of the direction where planting of some specific type of tree would bring positive effect in your home.

  2. Dennis Young New Member

    I love plants and it is good timing for me to read those tips and i will think of it wisely because they are really interesting.

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