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What are the key vastu factors to be considered for your main door?

Discussion in 'Vastu & Feng Shui' started by snehasingh, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. snehasingh Member

    The main entrance of the home is an important and auspicious part of its structure. It is given prime importance in vastu, as it lets in all the energies that affects health, wealth and good luck.

    According to Vastu , the main entrance is the ideal way to bring positive energy into your home. Here are some key vastu factors to be considered for your main entrance:

    The main entrance door should be bigger and taller than the other doors in the house.

    The door should be of high quality material like marble or teak or mahogany wood. There should not be any cracks in the door and it should not be noisy as it is considered inauspicious. It should be beautiful and welcoming.

    Shoes should not be placed in front or near the main entrance. Place shoes either at the side of the door or inside the room. The entrance should be clean and tidy.

    There should be a threshold at the main entrance, a pair of feet constructed from white marble should be placed at the side of threshold to invite the goddess of wealth into your home.

    There should not be any wall in front of the main entrance. Do not put any picture that is considered inauspicious as per vastu on the main entrance.

    The main door should open clockwise. The door should not be self closing.

    East and north are the ideal directions for main entrance. However, in already constructed house, if the main door is in some other direction, it can be corrected by taking advice from vastu experts.

    The main entrance door should never be in the center or corner of the wall. It should always be off-centered. It should not be situated across from main door of any other house.

    The main entrance should always be bright and well lit throughout.


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