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What is better for Startups in Mumbai? Coworking or Setting up an office?

Discussion in 'Global Real Estate' started by christypereria, May 11, 2018.

  1. christypereria New Member

    Co-Working Spaces is always better options for the Startups because:
    1. If you have an idea and unsure of it at the moment
    2. You are a one-man army or a bunch of like-minded partners who buys into the idea to fulfil their individual roles in realizing the grand vision.
    3. You or your partners want to test the business hypothesis before investing more or say dip into your savings.
    4. You would have started, but the business is yet to take off. You still need to pivot or fine-tune your business proposition.
    5. You don’t want to commit yourself to a long-term lease, pay a huge deposit up-front
    With all of the above, you may desperately want a sort of stop-loss to limit your losses perchance your venture doesn’t get successful. However, you still wish for a proper office environment with uninterrupted power-supply and Internet Connectivity without breaking the bank. The answer to such a wish is Co-working Spaces where you have the option to have a pay-as-you-go desk space without a lease term or deposit.
    If you have the above issue you should go for coworking spaces in Mumbai. However, if all of the above issues aren’t there in the first place, the best bet would be to set up an office to reflect your brand and identity

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