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What is Bitcoin and how to participate in MMM with Bitcoins?

Discussion in 'General Trading and Investment Discussions' started by tatylaster, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. tatylaster New Member

    Bitcoin is international cryptocurrency. It is a new form of money based on the program code. Bitcoin doesn’t belong to any state, companies or private person.

    Thanks to this fact, Bitcoin has become the first decentralized payment instrument in the world. Money transfers are carried out by «peer to peer» principle (from one person to another) - without intermediaries between the sender and the recipient.

    MMM is mutual help Community where money grows up to 50% per month. Participating in MMM with Bitcoin is more profitable, fast and secure than participating with traditional currencies.

    Watch the video about Bitcoin key advantages and participation in MMM with Bitcoin. (Paste the link to the video if the forum allows to attach the video) https://youtu.be/h77Yzyd1pWw


    If you participate in MMM with Bitcoin (not via bank) you get 3% bonus from the amount of your PH. Bitcoin-bonus isn’t frozen and is available for the withdrawal immediately as soon as the recipient confirms your transfer.

    Bitcoin advantages.

    1. High security level
    Nobody can block Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin doesn’t depend on central banks, local and international laws, religions etc. Banks and government don’t control your Bitcoins, they are available only for you. Wallets are anonymous. Cryptocurrency can’t be faked, and payments can’t be cancelled.

    2. Cost efficient transactions from all over the world.
    Fee for the transaction doesn’t depend on the amount or place. It’s less than $1 (regardless of the sum). You can transfer money to anybody from any place of the world.

    3. Convenience.
    Unlike bank operations, Bitcoin transactions are carried out 24/7. You can decide on your own when you want to transfer money.

    4. Instant transfers.
    On average, bank transfers take about 3-5 working days. Bitcoin transactions are carried out in several seconds. If you deal with big amounts - 10-60 minutes.

    5. Protection against inflation

    National currencies lose 1-20% of its value every year. Bitcoin is supported by the limited number of coins (21 mln). It is protected against inflation.

    Bitcoin cryptocurrency becomes more popular as it is convenient and easy to use. Cryptocurrency rate is growing constantly. According to the prospects, world national currencies will be united into unique digital currency Bitcoin in the nearest future!

    Bitcoin and MMM have similar ideology - they are aimed to overcome social inequality, destroy dependence on banks and build a fair world.

    You can find instructions for working with Bitcoin on the official MMM website (link to the bitcoin section of the website) https://mmmindia.in/bitcoin/

    MMM gives everybody a chance to improve his financial situation and start a new happy life.

    In MMM, your Bitcoins grow up to 50% per month! Join us!

    We are changing the world!
    Join here: https://mmmindia.in/registration/

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