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What is the future of Rupee-Dollar to Rupee

Discussion in 'Forex' started by real_buzz, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. real_buzz Moderator

    What is the future of Rupee-Dollar to Rupee

    In terms of Dollar to rupee i.e. USD/INR, rupee has been on a downslide for last few weeks. In july it crossed the huge psychological mark of 60 and since then, there is no stopping.

    It quickly touched 65 mark after crossing 60, merely in few sessions in august.

    A week rupee is a disaster for the economy and as a result, stock markets have been falling consistently. Whenever there has been a decline in Rupee against dollar, Indian stock markets have fallen.

    Auto sales are at all time low in last few years, interest rates have gone up. And a weak rupee can only take things downward from here.

    India imports 80 percent of its oil requirement along with approximately 800 tonnes of gold. And this is not it, india also import capital goods worth billions of dollars.

    A week rupee is taking a serious toll on indian economy and as per experts, it is nowhere close to bottom.
    Future of Indian r
    upee is extremely poor and at the moment, it look well positioned to touch 70 mark. In fact, British Pounds have already touched 100 mark.

    Fall in India Rupee is not acute, it is chronic.

    Rupee has been weak for over a year now. It has been trading around and above 55 since last one year.

    But it was ignored.

    Now India is facing a situation where it may see it current account deficit moving into red zone where it may become extremely difficult for country to maintain its position.

    Job cuts are already happening and if there is further slide in Rupee, it will worsen situation.
    Government is trying since last few weeks to counter this but these moves are yet to generate any positives.

    But if things don’t improve soon then India may have to witness one of its biggest financial crises in recent time.

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