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Which is the best city for investment in Real Estate in India?

Discussion in 'General Trading and Investment Discussions' started by sumit dass, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. sumit dass New Member

  2. Pooja Rajwade Member

    Mumbai is no doubt the best city for real estate investment in India. And yes its important and bigger investment in life.
  3. Mehek Saxena Member

    In Current time, Real estate investment is the best sector to invest your hard-earned money than any other sector. As everyone knows the price of properties always rises day to day.
    Bangalore is the hottest destination for real estate investment. Investor always more return. Get full details and real estate property reviews in Bangalore to know more about Residential or commercial project... It will help in deciding to invest in a particular project.
  4. Umesh Kumar Member

    Sonepat, a gateway to Haryana and a prominent region in Delhi-NCR is all set to become the paradise for residential and commercial real estate. And why not? At a time when the Delhi real estate is saturated and prominent regions in the NCR like Gurugram, Noida and Gaziabad have already exhausted their realty development potential; Sonepat with all its advantages is shining bright and offering umpteen opportunities for growth.

    The real estate of Delhi-NCR region is making news for quite some time. Last week only, it was announced that circle rates in Noida would be sharply increased and stamp duty would also be raised by 2 per cent, thereby making properties even more costly. On the contrary to this, a month earlier, Haryana Government decided to slash its circle rates by 15 per cent in Gurugram so as to lift the real estate market out of the slump, however, the situation has remained grim and nothing has changed till now. So, to say, the real estate market of NCR is ailing and the situation is expected to remain the same for quite some time. - To Know More Visit - http://www.jindalrealty.com/
  5. MULISA New Member

    Mumbai is no doubt the best city for real estate investment in India. And yes its important and bigger investment in life.
  6. propsid New Member

    Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi are some of best cities for real state investment. Apart from this Bangalore has several infrastructure projects including both commercial and residential projects.

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